is this what happens to married people?


I finally got Marcus to go to Blockbuster with me and get this Bagley Household Classic, and we put it in, he loves it, he's laughing, I'm happy.
We get half way through and I realize I no longer hear laughter, and then I see this:
Poor guy, works so hard, he can no longer stay up past 10pm...I guess we're grown-ups or something.

And when I say "we're" I mostly just mean Marcus.

the weekend.


This weekend was super eventful and totally fun!
My brother's family came down from Oregon and I got so spend some such needed time with my cute nieces and nephew at their resort, The Arizona Grand. 
 If you ever get the chance to go there, make sure you go down the slides! I was completely scared to do it, but my big brother basically gave me no choice and I'm so glad I didn't miss out on that adrenaline rush!
 We also got to celebrate my other brother and his gorgeous wife's 16th wedding anniversary. 
Aren't they just glowing?
(Check back for a restaurant review--you're not going to want to miss it!)
 My parents are coming home from their mission so we're moving over to Marcus' parents house until we find a place of our own. Through it all we found a traditional German Trachten that Marcus had bought on his mission, we also found that I own too many shoes. And clothes for that matter...
Marcus did my hair for church. Didn't he do a nice job?

Today I have a job interview. I'm totally nervous. Any last minute suggestions/interview tips?
Hope your weekend was beautiful!

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Four-Eyes


Bonlook Frames
Lately I've been hearing a lot about this online frame shop called BonLook and as soon as I saw their variety of frames, I was in love! I posted about them on Facebook and a friend told me about Warby Parker--also amazing (plus they work like TOMS shoes--buy a pair, they donate a pair).
Warby Parker Frames
Something you might not know about Marcus and I is that one of our favorite stops in the mall is the glasses stores. The problem is the selection of cool frames is sparse and the one's we do like are in the $200 range. Eek!
Ray Bans
We both have and are grateful for our 20/20 vision, but we both have childhood memories of trying to trick our parents into getting us glasses. (Marcus actually succeeded, he lied his way through an entire eye-exam, got a pair of glasses then never wore them because they, of course, gave him headaches! haha)
Anyway, I'm guilty of wearing fake glasses, and now with this virtual try-on session, I may be saving my pennies to buy myself a pair from BonLook or Warby Parker frames.
Mostly I'm just glad to know that there are stylish and affordable ($95-$99) frames out there, in case I actually did need a pair someday.

Which are your favorite?
If you end up doing a virtual try on session, I'd love to see pics!

just a little heads up//


There are 2 giveaways going on right now and one of them closes this weekend, 
so make sure to get your entries in! 
I want bangs.
Three people will be winning, wooohoo!
Have a wonderful Friday!

{Top Five} Friday

{Top Five} Qualities I Admire In A Person:
1. Genuineness
There's nothing that makes me feel more uncomfortable and nothing I fear being more than insincere. 
In fact, I fear it so much that I sometimes hold back completely heartfelt compliments or loving feelings in fear that the receiver will think me counterfeit. Please know that I don't say things unless I mean them, and I'd prefer if you ('you' meaning the human population) didn't either. 
Oh my heart sings when I can make friends with an authentic person. They really put me at ease. 
People that come to mind: Jenny, Marcus, Beth, Heidi
2. Healthy Amounts of Confidence
Confidence is something that we all struggle with in some form or another and in all sorts of varying degrees, but it seems like almost all vices can stem from either too much of it or not enough. 
Too much and we're haughty, cocky, flaunting and unfeeling, and not enough and we're often offended, catty, and self-deprecating. 
It's so refreshing to meet someone who knows who they are, where they're going, and have the direction and drive to make it happen. All the while, still boosting up those around them. They're confident enough in themselves, that they don't need to push people down in order to shine. They shine no matter what, because people genuinely like them.
The people I know with a good balance of confidence in their life seem to always be the most successful at balancing success and quality relationships. They inspire me.
People who come to mind: Ashley L., My Mom
3. Open-Mindedness
I used to be a very closed-minded, stubborn person, and don't get me wrong, I can often be found slipping back into that bull-headedness, but as I've grown up and interacting with a variety of diverse people, I've learned that while it's always important to have standards and stand strong for what you truly believe in, it's also a beautiful quality to be able to listen to where people are coming from, try and understand their point of view and be willing to compromise on things, or at least respect that we all have our agency to think differently.
I now look forward to the opportunity to interact with people who have different opinions than mine. You always come out on top after hearing a new perspective--either you feel even more confident in your beliefs because your educated about both sides and you actually had to defend what you believed rather than just riding on some tradition, or you learn that what you had been doing really has no validity and it's time to rethink things. Oh how wonderful diversity is!
People who come to mind: LaurenDanielle
4. Helpfulness
This is a quality I most need to work on. It's one that seems to boil down to two things--thoughtfulness and laziness. I'm generally pretty aware of what's going on around me and what things need to get done, the problem is that sometimes I'm just too lazy to get up and do them. I don't respect that about myself and it's something I have only recently become aware of. I can probably blame my sister and her boyfriend for that one. They're both incredibly helpful--always serving everyone around them with hardly ever a complaint and I really admire them for that. I'm thankful for the reality check they brought to me. I really do love having things to challenge myself on, and that's one I'm working on at present.
People that come to mind: Leisel, Sterling, Reachel, Jay, Jenee, Jenny, Jack, Luke, Kevin, Darin, Beth
5. Passion
There's just something so beautiful about being with someone who is truly passionate about something.
I had some amazing professors who just loved what they taught. They could make a subject that I had never expressed interest in seem like the greatest thing I could be listening to at the moment. Not only did their enthusiasm spark interest in the subject, but I was also just so encouraging that anyone could feel so excited about something they get to do regularly. I aspire to find something like that in my life.
People that come to mind: JasonStephanie, Elizabeth,Tango teacher, High School Spanish teacher, High School choir teacher
What are some qualities you admire in people? 
Any you'd like to work on?

When you give a man a cookie...


Sometimes life brings you conversations you never imagined having with people you never imagined having them with. 
That happened to me this week. 
I had just pulled a batch of cookies out of the oven and Marcus was feasting upon one or two when, as you might have imagined, he desired a drink of milk. 
He walked to one of the two fridges in the house and then to the other, but no milk could be found. 
He came back to me with a disappointing expression--and then the question came that led to the conversation I never imagined having, with the person I never imagined having it with.
"So, could milk come out of your...[eyes shift downward to my chest, then back to my eyes in hopes that he doesn't have to actually say it]. Like, does that ever happen to you? How does that even work?"
I stood there, speechless. 
First off, had the fact that he was thirsty really brought this on? Were I to answer, "Why yes, can I pump you a glass?" Would he have accepted? 
Or did the word 'milk' just spark something in his brain that was hopefully a completely different train of thought then remedies for his thirst. Please let it be that one.
Secondly, was this real life? Did he really think that at all times women were lactating? Had he really been married to me for over a year and never noticed whether I had occasional milk spills from the 'girls'?

His questions were followed by an impromptu, and very necessary lesson on the female body, and we got things cleared up. 
And for any men out there embarrassed to ask, the answer is no--a resounding no.

(Please know that I am in no way suggesting that my husband is dumb, It just always makes me laugh when I realize how uninformed lots of men are about women's bodies (and probably vice-versa). I won't even tell you what his thoughts on periods were before he met me...but maybe I will someday. Who knows?)

{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Loominosity


The Breakdown:
Army Green Dress: Borrowed, j.crew sale
Braided Leather Belt: Thrifted
Rainbow Huaraches: Target (ages ago)
Lipstick: MAC Vegas Volt
Beaded Tribal Bracelet: Loominosity

Now for the fun part! 
Loominosity sent me this gorgeous, hand-made tribal bracelet to give to one of you, my readers! 
It's seriously so gorgeous and I really wish I could keep it for myself, but alas, I will give it up, as long as you promise to wear it with pride and tuck it in with a bedtime story every night...

Up for grabs tomorrow on the blog.
Here's How to Enter:
(Must be a public unicorn follower.)
1. Go to her etsy shop and tell me what your favorite bracelet is.
Extra Entries (new comment for each):
2. If you have an etsy account and like her shop, add it to your 'favorites'
3. Tweet/Blog/Facebook about it.

{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Gloria Gaynor


Now I'm well aware of the fact that this is neither new to you or new in general, but this is just a stop-whatever-you're-doing-and-have-a-lip-syncing-session kind of {Tunes} on Tuesday, because let's be honest, who doesn't do that when this song comes on? And who doesn't have fun while there doing it?

In other news, the fantabulously sweet and adorable Chelsea of Tea Talk featured me on her blog today. 
Go ahead and check it out.

a giveaway on his birthday. lucky you!


For Your Basket is a handmade and vintage market being held at Taylor Crossing in Idaho Falls, ID this Saturday the 27th! The market features 25 local vendors who offer unique clothing, accessories, art, decor and gifts. 
The first 100 customers to the event will receive a free cupcake from The Cocoa Bean Cafe! 
You can see all the info and a list of vendors at

They are so generously giving away the following items to one of YOU! 
They're from vendors that will be at there event Saturday, so if you live in the area and you like what you see, make sure you go down and show your support! 
As a former, regularly bored resident of Rexburg, I happen to know you probably don't have anything better to do and this looks so fun! Wish I could be there!
Here are the items you're entering to win:
Full Bloom Headband by Jennie Moss Haute & Handpieced ( beautiful accessory is a large magenta bloom with a yellow stamen center. Flower is placed on a simple gold band, so its got a hint of whimsy.

Mini Decorative Arrow Set in Black and White by Verla Ivans ( set of 6 wooden arrows are hand notched and tapered with gold blunt tipped ends. Each arrow is crafted from Poplar wood from sustainable forests, has three shield shaped feathers and measures approximately 18 inches in length and 1/4 inch in diameter.

*Only open to public google follower of i believe in unicorns.
(Please use separate comments for each entry):
1. Tell me one thing you need to accomplish this week and what will motivate you to do it.
2. Tweet/Blog/Facebook about the giveaway (@mention or send me a link)
3. RSVP to the event via their Facebook Page
4. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or BlogLovin' 
5. Add my button to your blog (attach a link)

Good Luck! 
A winner will be announced this weekend.


Today is Marcus' birthday.
He's my best friend, my photographer, my travel companion,
my comforter, my standing Friday night appointmentmy cuddle partner, my love, and he also happens to looks oh-so-good in a suit.

Everyday I'm assured that I made the right choice when
Oh how lucky I am that he is mine and I his.
Happy Birthday, Love!
<3 your girl

Giving In. No Regrets.


Perchance you are wise enough to be pursuing the isle of La Grande Orange Grocery Store in Phoenix.
Perchance you happen upon the perfectly humongous made-in-house sourdough English Muffins.
Perchance you are tempted to buy and then you look at the price and see that they are quite a bit more than you are used to paying for those precious nooks and crannies.
Stop now. Don't walk away. Don't over-think it. Just follow your heart not your budget. Give in. 
It might just be the best decision you ever make.

America's Favorite...Truffle?


I'm sure this is just the most terrible thing for you, but that doesn't mean it's not delicious and fine to eat every once in a while.
I served these and the Joe's cookies for dessert at Sunday dinner and my family was freaking out, so I thought I'd share. 
Thanks Samantha for giving me this recipe!
Making Oreo truffles.
1 pack of Oreo's
8 oz package for cream cheese
Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate, melted (or any candy coating chocolate)
1. Finely crush up all Oreo's (leave two out). 
You can used a food processor, Bosch, or a zip-lock and a rolling pin. 
2. Once the Oreo's are crushed, mix in the softened cream cheese.
3. Roll mixture into balls, 1-inch in diameter and place balls on cookie sheet covered with wax paper.
 4. Melt the chocolate in the microwave for about 2 minutes stirring every 30 seconds.
5. Once chocolate is melted, use two forks to dip the balls. 
This is the hardest part. Don't stress too much, as long as they're covered they'll be good and look fine. Mine looked terrible, but once they hardened they looked good. 
If you have any that look really bad, crush up the two Oreo's you kept out and sprinkle over the top.
6. Once all the balls are covered in chocolate, place the balls in the fridge for at least an hour, or until the shell is hardened.
7. Enjoy!
8. If you don't eat them all, store an in air-tight container in your fridge, or just bring them to me...

Hello There!


guess where i'll be this Saturday?
oh, what? you already saw this giant flyer and you knew that's where i'd be? 
well look at you, Ms. Sherlock Holmes!
well, are you smart enough to join us, because it is going to be a good time and who knows, maybe you'll learn something new and awesome.
last time i went to one of these i learned how to do THIS.
so, will i see you there?

bucket lists.

While in Ireland I made a list of 'Life Goals'. 
Most rather extreme, but life is for living, so why not make it count?
One was dancing the Tango in Buenos Aires.
As soon as I got back I found an Argentine Tango class at ASU and I fell in love.
It's a dance with so much emotion and since I'm a closet actress, I love to do anything that allows for character development. 

Dancing at ASU with my favorite friend from Germany

I danced it for 2 years before moving to Idaho and saying goodbye to my favorite hobby. 
Before I agreed to marry Marcus, I told him he'd either have to learn the tango, or be okay with the fact that I was, at some point, going to go to Argentina and dance with some man that was not him. And I was going to like it very much.
He didn't so much like the second idea, so he agreed to the first.
Ahhh, that's my boy...
Finally the time has come, we found a class taught by my ASU teacher, but it's at a community college in the area so we don't have to pay university tuition. We start at the end of this month and I'm completely ecstatic!
I've attached a few videos for your viewing pleasure. The first one's rather passionate, just so you know.
The second is a couple that I took a three day workshop from, they're really amazing and super nice, and the last one is my beautiful and talented teacher.

What's on your bucket list?

{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Ok Go!


Ok Go always amazes me with their videos. 
Where in the world do they come up with these concepts?

Thanks Kelsi for telling me about this.

Joe's Cookies in the House!


Remember how I did a Restaurant Review on Joe's Real BBQ
And remember how my favorite thing there was the chocolate chip cookies?

Well, a reader went ahead and sent me this link--a recipe for those cookies!
I made them friday night and Marcus and I were freaking out, honestly I can't remember exactly what the cookies at Joe's tasted like since I've only had them once, but these were MMMMM-mmmm good!

Please, try out this recipe! (make sure you watch the butter as it melts, I got distracted by the UPS guy and it exploded all over the microwave...Perfect housewife, ya?)

If you make them, make sure to tell me what you thought!

weekend scenes from an iphone.

In the past month I've had extremely busy weekends, with lots of big and exciting plans and as much as I loved them, I was really ready for a break. This weekend I kept all plans empty. There were no anniversary trips, no family reunions, no hiking the grand canyon--just me and my time, to do with as I pleased. It was lovely. Was it weird that I was so looking forward to an event-free weekend?
Here's what I filled my time with:
1. doted on this gorgeous necklace from le mode accessories.
First class package from a first class shop! @shoplemode
2. went to the Post Office to send out a batch of june.july belts. thanks again for your orders!

3. hit up home depot to get supplies for this little project.
Rainbows everywhere!
4. wrapped Marcus' birthday present 10 days in advanced, only to find myself tempted to give it to him early everyday...don't let me do it!
Just wrapped up Marcus' birthday present. Now somebody stop me before I give it to him 9 days early...
5. laughed at my nephews bold pattern mixing skills.
My nephew is not afraid to pattern mix.
6. Hit the thrift stores (every one in Mesa)

7. turned this 80s dress:
into this new-to-me skirt:

Sunday dinner.
8. had a baby...
wait, i didn't. but i played with a really cute one.
What do you like to do when you have nothing you have to do?
© i believe in unicorns. Maira Gall.