{Top Five} Friday


{Top Five} Qualities I Admire In A Person:
1. Genuineness
There's nothing that makes me feel more uncomfortable and nothing I fear being more than insincere. 
In fact, I fear it so much that I sometimes hold back completely heartfelt compliments or loving feelings in fear that the receiver will think me counterfeit. Please know that I don't say things unless I mean them, and I'd prefer if you ('you' meaning the human population) didn't either. 
Oh my heart sings when I can make friends with an authentic person. They really put me at ease. 
People that come to mind: Jenny, Marcus, Beth, Heidi
2. Healthy Amounts of Confidence
Confidence is something that we all struggle with in some form or another and in all sorts of varying degrees, but it seems like almost all vices can stem from either too much of it or not enough. 
Too much and we're haughty, cocky, flaunting and unfeeling, and not enough and we're often offended, catty, and self-deprecating. 
It's so refreshing to meet someone who knows who they are, where they're going, and have the direction and drive to make it happen. All the while, still boosting up those around them. They're confident enough in themselves, that they don't need to push people down in order to shine. They shine no matter what, because people genuinely like them.
The people I know with a good balance of confidence in their life seem to always be the most successful at balancing success and quality relationships. They inspire me.
People who come to mind: Ashley L., My Mom
3. Open-Mindedness
I used to be a very closed-minded, stubborn person, and don't get me wrong, I can often be found slipping back into that bull-headedness, but as I've grown up and interacting with a variety of diverse people, I've learned that while it's always important to have standards and stand strong for what you truly believe in, it's also a beautiful quality to be able to listen to where people are coming from, try and understand their point of view and be willing to compromise on things, or at least respect that we all have our agency to think differently.
I now look forward to the opportunity to interact with people who have different opinions than mine. You always come out on top after hearing a new perspective--either you feel even more confident in your beliefs because your educated about both sides and you actually had to defend what you believed rather than just riding on some tradition, or you learn that what you had been doing really has no validity and it's time to rethink things. Oh how wonderful diversity is!
People who come to mind: LaurenDanielle
4. Helpfulness
This is a quality I most need to work on. It's one that seems to boil down to two things--thoughtfulness and laziness. I'm generally pretty aware of what's going on around me and what things need to get done, the problem is that sometimes I'm just too lazy to get up and do them. I don't respect that about myself and it's something I have only recently become aware of. I can probably blame my sister and her boyfriend for that one. They're both incredibly helpful--always serving everyone around them with hardly ever a complaint and I really admire them for that. I'm thankful for the reality check they brought to me. I really do love having things to challenge myself on, and that's one I'm working on at present.
People that come to mind: Leisel, Sterling, Reachel, Jay, Jenee, Jenny, Jack, Luke, Kevin, Darin, Beth
5. Passion
There's just something so beautiful about being with someone who is truly passionate about something.
I had some amazing professors who just loved what they taught. They could make a subject that I had never expressed interest in seem like the greatest thing I could be listening to at the moment. Not only did their enthusiasm spark interest in the subject, but I was also just so encouraging that anyone could feel so excited about something they get to do regularly. I aspire to find something like that in my life.
People that come to mind: JasonStephanie, Elizabeth,Tango teacher, High School Spanish teacher, High School choir teacher
What are some qualities you admire in people? 
Any you'd like to work on?


Ashley Hovik said...

thanks Ashley...you are so so sweet. I love this post! This one wasnt mentioned but I need to work on patience!

Danielle Hampton said...

You are such a gem. We need to go get coffee someday soon and chat chat chat!

Happy Friday lovely lady!


Beverly said...

I love when people tell you like it is. They don't try to tiptoe over your feelings too much. 

bethall said...

I love this post. I love when you are more personal! I personally think that confidence is so admirable. It has been really hard for me to have confidence in my life and i am now just starting to be better at it. I admire your confidence, it helps me! xoxo

Aimee Berrett said...

do you speak german or you just liked this picture?

Elizabeth Bryant said...

Thanks Ashley! Yes, I am very passionate about food (I assume that's what you were alluding too - ha!) but sometimes I wish I was also really passionate about exercise because the food love is delicious but not that great for my appearance. :) Plus I'm not sure I know what you mean that you aren't passionate about things? I think you are very passionate about a lot of things and that makes you really well-rounded.

boldandbeautiful37 said...

Yes, those are all SO important, especially genuineness. It seems to me that when people are truly genuine, they are a lot of other goods things as well--including passionate and open-minded.
That's something I really need to work on--not putting up a false front can be hard with the immense peer pressure that never relents in today's culture.

Abbey said...

Well said. You should print these attributes onto little notecards and leave them in random places. The world needs more reminders like this.

I think an essential personality trait is the ability to laugh often. People who can laugh things off and take time to have fun are happier in general.

Along Abbey Road

Johanna said...

I admire genuineness as well and that's what I have to work with the most. I have such a hard time being truthful and honest (this also has something to do with confidence and my lack of it..) and speaking my mind. What I think I might be good at is open-mindness. I want so bad for everyone to be right. And one of my favorite qualities is simple kindness - which  think you possess! 

Sherri C said...

I agree with those qualities! Those are great qualities to have. I definitely love people who are genuinely caring and always willingly help. It makes a difference when you genuinely talk to someone or vice versa. I am trying to work on being more confident and I'm trying to be more helpful too!

sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

Emma Davis said...

Wow, what a great post!  I agree with all of your qualities.  I think that some of the qualities that I admire the most are similar.  I love people who are able to really listen, are patient, and courageous.  I think I could stand to work on all three in myself, but especially courage.  Too often I wish later that I had said something or done something (instead of doing/saying nothing); to which I say again, thank you for being brave enough to post this!

Lauren Brimley said...

<3 <3 <3

Emi Jeanette said...

This is a great list. I feel like I'm in the middle of it as we speak. One thing I'm glad about getting older is the realization of the things I could work on and that I have the ability to change what I want about myself. Helpfulness is probably what I need most work on. Maybe it's this age that gets us thinking about all this and what a great thing it is. Lovely post.

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