Arizona Restaurant Review: Joe's Real BBQ


After watching Captain America, we suddenly had a hankering for some meat.
I was thinking something along the lines of fillet mignon, but we decided to think of our budget and instead split a meal at Joe's Real BBQ--a place we had heard about, but never tried.
Walking into Joe's is like walking into another place and time.
It's set up like a good ol' country dining hall with huge family style tables and cafeteria style lines.
Some of the patrons wore wranglers and cowboy hats and had clearly just come from a hard days work, but most were just regular folks like you and me.
The menu offered a variety of meat options and an array of sides to choose from, all in front of you in a slop it on your tray right-then-and-there sort of way.
They also give you $10 to spend on your birthday (with a photo ID)
We went for the 2 meat combo with two extra sides and although neither of us are big soda drinkers, we decided trying the homemade rootbeer was a must. Good thing too, it was nectar from the gods!
The salad was too sweet for my taste and Marcus wasn't impressed either. The toast was also below par, but both the stredded beef and the pork were quite delicious if you like BBQ. The Mac and Cheese with the bread crumble was true soul food and my tummy thanked me for indulging, but honestly the giant potato with ample amounts of butter, cheese and salt made me most happy about our visit.
(I think our bill was around $13 and we both were stuffed.)
Just as we were walking out, I saw a family each with a giant chocolate chip cookie in their hand and I had to ask.
They told me I had to go back and get one to finish off the meal, and gladly I obliged.
At first, it didn't amaze me, but after the 2nd bite, Marcus and I were both wishing we had gotten two.
It just might be the best chocolate chip cookie that has passed my lips and I'm about to go pick up Marcus and drive down to Gilbert right now. 
Yes, yes, I think I must.

Five Star Rating System:
BBQ Meats: 4
Toast: 1 (kind of soggy)
Salad: 2 (wish there were more dressing options)
Homemade Rootbeer: 5
Baked Potato: 5
Mac & Cheese: 4 1/2
Chocolate Chip Cookie: 5

Have You Been To Joe's?
Where's the Best BBQ You've Had?


Lauren Gardner said...

Have you ever been to Q4U? Best BBQ joint ever! I've never seen so much meat in one place in my life! (I love your blog by the way!) :)Lauren

victoria vida said...

this is so cute. i love the vintage look of the place :]

catiejohn said...

I love Joe's BBQ Pork. That is my favorite BBQ. I get it with the BBQ beans and root beer. I've lived here forever so I've tried everything else there. Also, across the street is Liberty Market owned by the same company which is quite good. They have huge salads and brick oven pizzas and amazing carrot cake. There is also Joe's Farm Grill which is owned by the same people which a lot of people like. I've heard Honey Bear's in Phoenix is amazing and it's in some AZ travel books but haven't tried it yet. 

Sarabell said...

Aw, that looks great... and the best barbecue in the world is in Texas, hands down. =]

Taylor Kee said...

wow! i love the decor and the food looks (and sounds) really yummy! love me some bbq!!!

brittany lewis said...

i've been to joe's farm grill, i don't know if they have different menu items but i thought everything was delicious!

Chelseabird said...

LOVE Joe's. I usually get the potato and cornbread! Oh, and I sneak sips of Scott's rootbeer as well! It's amazing! 

sugarplumsara said...


Liz Barclay said...

Sounds yummy! Best BBQ that I've ever had though comes from Cedar City in Southern Utah. It's called Sonny Boy's BBQ on Main Street. Go there if you're ever passing through and get the fried cauliflower. To die for!

Heath Wilcock said...

I had the great opportunity of working there for two years. (Age 16-18.) The Joe companies (Joe's BBQ, Liberty Market, and Joe's Farm Grill) are great companies to work for. They spoiled me quite a lot, including eating free when I worked my shift. After having everything on the menu multiple times, I can say that it is the best BBQ in Arizona. I've tried Honeybear's BBQ in Phoenix, Bigfoot BBQ in Flagstaff, the late Waldo's in East Mesa, even Kansas City BBQ in San Diego (where they filmed the sleazy bar scene in Top Gun), but Joes's is still better. After a while of eating the same things, I began to mix the foods. (i.e. corn mixed with the mac & cheese is super good.) Yes, the cookies are good. How terrible of me, but I used to take and eat the cookies that people had left on their dirty trays. Terrible I know, but the human race is desperate when encountered with such a well-rounded delicacy.

Dani Shapiro said...

Coincidentally, there is a mini-chain called "Joey's BBQ" in the Pomona area where I went to school. It is divineeee. Not only are all their regular meats (and sides) amazing, but they also have a giant (and I mean, giant) hot dog that is so yummy!

Alexis Kaye said...

Yes! Joe's is AWESOME! But you have to get the pulled pork sandwich! So delicious! And the cheesy potatoes and BBQ beans are the sides I always get and they're AMAZING. Seriously.

Ashley said...

weve never been to joes bbq, but we go to joes farm grill all the time! have you been there? owned by the same guy... and they give you free bday food too. We actually just went on Tuesday for hub's bday!

Andrea said...

Love Love Love Joe's! The pulled pork sandwich with a side of mac and cheese is my absolute fav. I also just found out about this -if you're into root beer floats, theirs ar AMAZING! And they're HUGE!!! It made me laugh the first time I saw one because it was so gargantuan. We go on every member of my family's birthday for the free $10 of food, then we go across the street to Liberty MArket for free $10 of dessert. Joe's does it right:)

Aubrey Chevrier said...

The best bbq I ever had was at this place in Dallas, and also at my friend's house (who just happens to also be from Dallas). I have tried multiple places here in Georgia... but I guess I am not a fan of their style of bbq. I loved places with homemade rootbeer, it's always the best!!

Rhoda said...

I live in DFW, so I'm surrounded by great BBQ. The best place I've found is called Hard8 in Coppell, TX. They have a huge open pit and you tell the cooks what slices of meat you want. It's amazing fall-off-the-bone meat! :)

Rachel Luke said...

What a cozy little place! (:

Robin Powell said...

I think ou were pretty much right on with your ratings. If I remember right the cheesy potatoes are tasty too. Another great BBQ place-Waldo's on Greenfield and Main. Try the cobbler for dessert.

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