Arizona Restaurant Review: The Grind.


We have a brother-in-law who is particularly fond of food. 
He also seems particularly fond of us. 
And we're pretty keen on him too. 
All of those variables come together to form a friendship that usually entails him raving about one of his favorite new restaurants, us listening intently with our mouths agape, him inviting us to lunch, us graciously accepting, and all of us having a great time telling stories and noshing on the best cuisine Phoenix has to offer. This week our adventures took us to a modern little place called The Grind.
Sweet & Spicy Burger
The Grind is a high-end hamburger joint that uses a coal-fired ovens and fresh organic ingredients.
It also happens to have the best french fries any of us have ever tasted. 

My BLT burger was equal parts huge and delicious, but Marcus' Sweet & Spicy burger won the prize for most unique and succulent burger in the world.
That's right, I just pulled that card--IN THE WORLD.
Because I have authority to make such judgments. 
Steakhouse BLT
Just as we thought nothing could get better, Jay order's these mini donuts with a salted butterscotch sauce.
I can't even begin to tell you how fantastically amazing, no I won't even start. 
Just go.
Go now.
Get in the car.
Seriously, stop reading my blog and get yourself some of these donuts.
If you know what's good for you, you aren't still reading this. And if you aren't still reading this, then I'm really really jealous of what's about to be in your mouth...

Thanks Jay!


Lisa Travers said...

I'm jealous I live in Australia and can't try that amazing food!! 

lisalulu said...

we are moving to AZ (when our house sells) and I am making notes of ALL the places you are blogging about, THANKs

Chelseabird said...

Scott and I went there in March and LOVED it! Those donuts are amazing!

AliceKND said...

Jay is going to be embarrassed when he sees that photo.  :)

Aubrey Chevrier said...

You make me want to go to AZ so much with all of these food posts. it all looks too amazing to be real. yum.

Alexis Kaye said...

That looks delish! Althought I have to argue that the best burgers are in Hawaii! I remember you went there on your honeymoon too. Did you ever go to coolcats? My mouth is watering just thinking about it and I'm about to check flight availability for tomorrow! IT's THAT GOOD!

jenni austria germany said...

ummmm i can't really drive to AZ thanks to a small body of water called the atlantic ocean. 

but i want those donuts.


Highheelsandbubblegum said...

Wow, too bad I don't live in Arizona!  Those donuts look amazing.

Savanna said...

You are making me so hungry right now! Looks super delicious! :)

Claire M. said...

Got hungry after I saw the picture! I love burgers ;)

Caitlin Hervey said...

so my friend shared this with me and i immediately thought that if you hadnt seen it you would love it! so hopefully this is something new for you:)
you can create your own unicorn name! mine was poppy sparkle nostrils!

Britt said...

Ok, I'm checking flights to Arizona right now! You can pick me up at the airport when I get there, right? And then you can pick me up off the floor when I eat 17 donuts in a row, right? K thanks! See you soon! 

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