Day One: Seattle

Our first full day in the Pacific Northwest was jam packed full of some of my favorite things! 
We started off the morning at Pike Place Market with two of Marcus' siblings family, Stephen & Leone (our hosts) and Elizabeth & Dave (who were there house hunting and have since moved up there!).

We had planned on meeting everyone at a little french bakery for breakfast, but as soon as I laid eyes on Beecher's Cheese being made, there was no stopping me--Flagship Mac & Cheese was what baby and I had for First Breakfast and I wanted it again for Second Lunch--it was kind of mind-blowing.

Also their Flagship Cheddar! OH MY! I've been kicking myself for not buying some to take home ever since we left. Obviously, when everyone got there and we ended up at the French bakery, we needed to try that as well and Marcus and I split a delicious little raspberry croissant. We only split it because we knew we were headed straight for the mini donuts after...You guys, I'm pregnant and Marcus' and my hobby has always been eating, so judge not! When in Seattle...

After a half dozen mini donuts (FYI the cinnamon one's are the best, don't even try the others), we watched them throw fish for a few minutes and then made our way down the heavenly pathway of giant-flowers-for-insanely-how-prices and I cried happy tears because it was all so beautiful and cheap and then sad tears because I didn't live in Pike Place and couldn't see this sight everyday of my life. 

Further up the row, we were handed taste testers of perfectly sweet fruit from every direction, so Fourth Breakfast was the healthiest of the Breakfasts, it was two GIANT nectarines that juices down our chin and arm as we ate it--as truly good nectarines always should.

After that, it was finalized in my mind, Pike Place Market was truly one of the Seven Wonders of the World in my book and I was in love with the place. Amen.
gum wall alley
This shirt my mom made for me makes me look SERIOUSLY pregnant, but I love it and got complimented by an old German woman and an old, hatted man who "loves ladies in hats" and apparently got the hat he was wearing from Frank Sinatra himself, so basically it was the cherry on top to my day. 
she's wearing:
boater hat//free people (similar here)
arrow necklace//stella & dot (buy here)
buffalo check top//homemade (similar here)
jeggings//level99 (buy here)
faux leather jacket// (similar here)
watch//skagen (buy here)
sandals//old (similar here)
he's wearing:
red chambray top//j.crew factory (buy here)
jeans//ae (buy here)
boots//last chance (similar here)
After Pikes, I was stuffed, but Stephen drove us over to Paseo for a Cuban Sandwich, it was just too much meat for me, so I got some sides and had a few bites of Marcus'. Flavor was quite good if you're a meat lover. The line was kind of insane though...just a heads up.

After lunch we headed over to the college to rent canoes and explore the beautiful Lilly pads! I've never seen so many and the flowers on them were so incredibly white, they almost glowed. It was breathtaking and a lot of fun, although Marcus said I sucked at paddling because I kept getting distracted by the scenery--so sue me!
Last, but not least, we stopped by Kerry Park for a killer view of the Space Needle and to gawk at the beautiful homes in the Queen Anne's neighborhood. THOSE HOMES *heart eyes*

Day One was going to be tough to beat, but Stephen had another adventure for us up his sleeve for Day Two...

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head, shoulders, knees & toes

Sheets found here, Bear suit here, Pillow here

Thanks to many of your suggestions and a little more research on the subject--I have now found way too many baby boy goodies!

I thought I'd gather some favorites together (some of which are already hanging in the nursery closet!) in case you too are on the search for silly phrase free clothing! Hope you enjoy--you can click on the collage to take you to the item!

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twenty-three weeks

Just as my pregnancy app promised, I've been having a pretty great 2nd trimester--I generally feel good, as long as I get to take sit down {lay down} moments throughout the day and eat enough fatty foods :)
Something that I've noticed within the last week is the major increase in hunger--like I swear baby has his mouth wide open and the food I eat is going directly into his mouth and stomach instead of mine. I can eat a meal larger than I usually would and literally 20 minutes later I'm ravaged with hunger and about to kill someone if I don't get another full meal in...

I just had my first appointment with my actual doctor, rather than the nurse practitioner, and I love her. She's very to the point and doesn't talk down to me or fluff things up--that's a BIG pet peeve of mine, so when I was researching doctors, that was something I looked for. She did, however, flattery me by telling me that baby and me were scoring perfect 10's on development, which was a relief since for a long time random people were telling me I was too small and that my baby wasn't getting enough nutrients. Why do people think they get to tell you stuff like that--if you're not a doctor and I'm not asking, please, just keep it to yourself. 

Right now, my biggest pregnancy stress is baby boy clothes (i know, this is serious stuff right here)! I like really plain things that don't say things like "Daddy's Little Football Star" because, guess what, he's not daddy's football star, he's a baby, he doesn't know what a football is and he certainly would be no good at the game in his infant years anyways, so I just refuse to put that sort of stuff on my baby, but so far it's nearly impossible to find anything that doesn't cost my left kidney...woah is me! I think we'll survive.
boater hat//free people (similar here)
'metallica' necklace//the modboho (buy here)
black tee with leather sleeves//old (similar here)
'crop' kimono// the modboho (buy here)
bracelets//threads (buy here)
knit pencil skirt//old (similar here)
petty booties//sam edelman (buy here)

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