Non-Maternity Jeans, FTW!

Oh man, looking at these photos is making me laugh, I remember when I shot this video with Reachel, I thought I was getting prettttty big--HA! I'm looking at myself in jealousy, longing for the comfort of that barely stretched belly, I don't even thing I was using the rubber band trick at this point. (People, if you don't know the rubber band trick, please see pin here--it is the lifesaver of pregnancy).

And even though I am now utilizing above trick, I am still wearing these jeans (when I'm not in leggings, lounging around the house) and they are still 1,000,000 times more flattering AND comfortable than the one pair of maternity jeans I finally bought from Gap, which I never wear because they hurt my stomach and they give me a saggy butt.

So, heed the advice of the Empress, Reachel, you won't regret it.
maternity sweater//asos (buy here or non-maternity here)
metallica necklace//the modboho (buy here)
top jeans//AG (buy here)
middle jeans//Level99 (buy here)
black jeans//Paige Denim (buy here on sale)
loafers//forever21 (buy here)

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32 weeks and I'm really pregnant//

For a long time during this pregnancy, I've felt so much bigger than I was used to (obviously!), but when I would wear certain things, people didn't even seem to notice that I was or if they did, they thought I was was earlier than I was, but those times are gone!

It's to the point where everywhere I go, people are looking at my belly. I finally understand those 'busty women woes' you've heard of--you know that one's that feel like people are always staring at their chests, only for me, they're staring at my bump and there's no denying it. Luckily, I'm not a self-conscious person, so it doesn't bother me, but I just find it funny to look around and see everyone I interact withs eye's going straight down.

It's getting harder to get out bed or out of the car.... or bend over and play fetch with Poppy, or find any shirts that aren't belly shirts, or eat any decent sized meals, but I know I still have several weeks to go, so I'm trying to grasp the fact that I still have a whole lotta growing left to deal with, so I better just suck it up.

This little guy better deliver on the cuteness because pregnancy is not super fun in my opinion and I'm having a hard time imaging that I'm going to have to do this again someday! HOLY MOLY! *insert sweating emoticon*

Hope your day is going well, it's almost the weekend!

buffalo check shirt//gap (buy here or similar here)
lip color//covergirl really red (buy here)
maternity striped dress//old navy (buy here or non-maternity here)
"silver stunner" bracelet//themodboho (buy here)
dot socks//madewell (similar here)
petty booties//sam edelman (buy here)

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a rainbow of midi-skirts!

My best friend's brother is getting married next month and she's frantically trying to find something to wear that is
A. Under $50
B. Dressy enough for a wedding, while still being versatile for mixing and matching within her wardrobe once the wedding is over
C. Accommodating for her new, but growing baby bump

She knew she felt feminine and pretty in A-line or full skirts, plus those are easy to pull over a bump, so that was mostly where I started. I was just going to send her all these cute skirts I found, but I figured you all might be interested as well, so here is my rainbow of options for your browsing pleasure (be sure and click the little arrow to the right to see the few on the next page).

All are under $50 and include free shipping and returns--just click on the images that catch your eye and pair them with a bold necklace like this one, this one, or my personal fave, here, to take it up a dressy notch :)

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