37+ Weeks & Baby's Getting Ready

At this week's appointment I made Marcus come along so I had someone to grab onto while getting uncomfortably checked for dilation--it worked for a minute, but my instincts could not be fooled and once things got really uncomfortable, my body knew who was to blame for the current pain, and I was clinging to the doctor's shoulders as well. Luckily she gave me good news at the end of the appointment. Baby was still very low, I was 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced. She asked me how I felt about spending Christmas in the hospital, because she was fairly certain that was inevitable, I told her as long as he's healthy, there's no place I'd rather be! I'm trying hard not to get my heart set on an early baby, but let's be honest...my heart is set on it. 

I recently got criticized for not being more mushy about being pregnant, and while I'm truly grateful that things have gone relatively smoothly, that baby appears to be in good health, and I fully acknowledge that growing human beings inside of us is, like, totally rad and all, I'm not going to BS that this whole being pregnant is something that I really enjoy doing, because I don't.

I know once this baby is in my arms and a part of my life, I'm going to be crazy about him, but right now, he's just something that makes me highly uncomfortable--so sorry if I admit that I prefer babies outside the womb (watch me eat my words when I can't sleep or shower...:)).

I just can't wait to meet this little guy and start to learn who he is, what he looks like and what familial traits he inherits. Forty weeks is a long time to be pregnant--I'm ready, so let's do this little guy!
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36 Weeks & Drama at the Docs

This week was the week I've been simultaneously dreaded and counting down the days for. At 36+ weeks, it was my first internal exam OB appointment and while that whole concept is uncomfortable to me on multiple levels, I've been having so much pressure in my pelvis, I was dying to know if I was progressing!

When I got into the office, I did my pregnancy patient duty and left a urine sample in the bathroom, then they called me back for weight and blood pressure. The lady taking my blood pressure took a second look at my chart and then back and me and told me my blood pressure was high AND they had found protein in my urine--both are signs of Pre-Eclampsia (a very serious condition during pregnancy). I immediately asked what else could cause these symptoms, because for some reason the idea of me having Pre-Eclampsia just did not seem right. I had always passed my OB appointments with flying colors, and I had no swelling, which is a big sign of P.E., so I didn't really stress out, while I waited for the doctor to come check me. 

I did, however, run through the scenario of my doctor coming in and telling me I would have to go straight to the hospital for an emergency C-Section, and the whole Birth Plan I had so carefully been devising in my head this entire pregnancy and had finally written out the very night before, becoming completely void, and having to call Marcus, who was home painting our bathroom to tell him to grab my bag and meet me at the hospital. And while in my mind, it sounded like basically the worst case scenario and everything I had been dreading, I still felt perfectly calm about the whole thing, so I knew either that was what might happen, and I could be at peace with it, or it was all going to resolve itself and that's why I wasn't feeling panicked.

The doctor came in and was informed of the situation, she looked at my legs to check for swelling and also looked a little confused at the readings from the nurse, but she checked baby's heart beat and did her exam and let me know that baby was sitting very low and I was dilated to a little more than a 1, she then saw Baby kick one of his monster kicks and laughed, then saw another mega kick on the complete other side of my belly and looked a little confused, she felt around and she then informed me she wasn't sure he was actually head down, and wanted to do an unplanned ultrasound--which is rare, as our office only does the gender ultrasound, and that's it. 

So, I was concerned about the idea of having a breech baby, but also excited that I got to have a little peek at my baby. She did a super quick look and was relieved to tell me his head was down and even gave me a little look at the baby's face--which was completely adorable, by the way.

They then had me rest for a bit and took my blood pressure once more--this time it was right back down to my regular healthy range--she told me my body was just done being pregnant and she wanted me to take it really easy for the next few weeks. Basically she wasn't concerned about P.E.

It was a weird appointment, not anything of what I was expecting, but it was nice to know that even when presented with all my fears, I felt so calm and while I hope everything goes smoothly and like we hope and expect, I know I can handle whatever may arise. 

I feel strong.
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Did you have any pregnancy scares?

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35 weeks and loving the moments we're in.

All week I've been crossing my fingers and toes that this nasty cold I've had would let up in time for me to be able to taste Thanksgiving Dinner (lunch at our house) and I am happy to announce that my gratitude for a working sense of smell, and in turn, the ability to taste, is alive and well.

The meal did NOT disappoint! I just kept asking myself, WHY DO WE ONLY EAT STUFFING ONCE A YEAR!? My mom's is seriously the best.

Marcus and I woke up early and turned on the We Bought a Zoo soundtrack as we peeled and boiled 20 pounds of potatoes. It was such a beautiful morning together in our little home. I kept getting an overwhelming feeling of happiness by simply working together in the kitchen with my husband as we looked forward to a day of good food and family. I really like this guy I married and as excited and impatient I've been to have this little baby, today I was just so happy with the little family I already have in my home. I knew I needed to take these last few weeks to really appreciate our alone time. I know it becomes harder to come by, once the little ones start showing up. So, today, I'm grateful for my little family of three (including Poppy, of course!).
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Also grateful that I got my sister to get on the pregnancy bandwagon so we can have babies together!
My dad wanted a picture of his pregnant "babies" for his instagram :)
How cute are my twin nieces!? They were my dress up dolls when I was younger and now they're beautiful young women!

How was your Thanksgiving? 
Anything you're feeling especially grateful for this year or any fun traditions your family has?

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