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The Project: Lollies
Seen Here.
 Take one old book you're not using anymore.
 Tear out three pages.
 Fold pages back and forth.
 Fold bended pages in half .
 Repeat on all pages.
 Glue fans closed.
 Either hold with fingers, or clip with a clothes pin, bobby pin, etc. until glue is dry.
(I'd use a gluestick if I had one)
 Keep gluing all three fans until the circle is formed.
 With liquid glue or a hot glue gun, attach the wooden skewer 
(if you're putting in a flower arrangement, if you're putting on a plate, you're done).
Glue a doily of some sort over the skewer as to secure it and to hid any glue mess.



Francesca Battan said...

Such a nice arrangement. I will try to make a couple and assemble them with some dried flowers I have :)

Anonymous said...

I love the lollies! but father's day was last week :)

jenni austria germany said...

so cute. i love.

ps happy father's day to you too.

Courtney Nichols said...

Love this!

Lisa Travers said...

So easy and cute! 

Danielle Hampton said...

love this, you crafty thang you! <3

Irene Navajas said...

i need time to do all things crafty
can't wait to have time!!!! :( holidays were are youuu??

Marielle said...

Cool. I like the look of it. said...

this is such a cute idea I love it, plus your recycling and what is better than that?

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