today was weird, but not the cat-morphing-dolphin dream kind of weird.


Well, they're gone.
We spent the whole day packing up and now my parents are headed to their mission to 
The Middle Of Nowhere, Wyoming.
(aka The Sixth Crossing Pioneer Mission)
skirt c/o Modcloth 
I won't see them for 6 months, (maybe longer if we end up moving somewhere far away while their gone.)
I thought it wouldn't be that bad. After all, it's only six months and I'm grown and moved out of the house anyways, right?

But when the time came to say good bye, the fact hit me that I'm not going to be able to drive home in an emergency and get help from my mom. And my dad's not going to surprise me with a car wash or a tune-up when I come over. 
Golly, it sure sounds silly, and maybe I'm about to start my period or I just really miss Marcus, but goodness gracious, just writing this i have tears streaming down my face. 

My parents have their quirks, and sometimes they drive slightly crazy, but they're mine and i love them.

And gosh dang it, turns out i'm really going to miss them or something.

But I'm sure they'll be awesome missionaries and I wish them the best!


Kristine said...

I thought that said, "dad's not going to surprise me with a car" and not "car wash". I was like, dang girl! Anyway, I totally know how you feel. Well, kind of. I moved away instead of my parents moving away... it's difficult. But, it's also kind of good for me! And it will be for you, too :)

Lauren said...

I'm sorry :( That would be hard :( I hate saying goodbyes.
My family lives in Germany and I don't get to see them much either! It's hard to live far from family! :(

Savanna said...

I'm going to miss them so much!

Irene Navajas said...

I totally understand you! but it's just 6 months, it's not that far away (it's the same country after all) and they're doing something great that they love, right? =)

Alexis Kaye said...

How sweet! you're doing your part by supporting them though! good for them! :) best wishes for your family!

Sharon @ A Prairie Sunrise said...

Don't worry 6 months will go quickly. What "middle of nowhere" town here in Wyoming are they coming to visit? I hope they like it here. :)

Ashley Nielson said...

it's about 40 minutes from Martin's Cove if you've heard of that. Whenever i ask what the actual town is called, my dad just says the middle of nowhere! haha
my dad grew up in star valley. i'm sure they'll have a great time!

Ashley Nielson said...

hahaha! well, he did do that once, but no, it's not a regular occurrence, unfortunately...;)

Ashley Nielson said...


Ashley Nielson said...

thanks alexis!

aubreyaleah said...

That would be so hard. I have already informed my parents that they are never allowed to move because it would just be so weird without "my home" to go home to. I never feel more at peace than when I am home with my family. ahhh I miss them. stupid peach town. :) Ok I'll stop whining. I can't believe you have to say goodbye to your parents and be away from your husband all at the same time. I would cry too! xoxo

Hilary Norton said...

That's where my stake did one of our (many) treks! That's awesome. They'll enjoy that. I love your skirt in these photos. Also, I found this and thought of you!

Sharon @ A Prairie Sunrise said...

I've got an idea of where they're headed. I googled Sixth Crossing and it sounds like it's outside of Jeffrey City, which, yeah, is pretty much the middle of nowhere. :)

Gorgeous sage brush country though. There's something about Jeffrey City and Sweetwater County that I've always found magical. I hope they have a wonderful mission.

jaQ-ee said...

I'm from Canada and last summer my family went on a church history road trip. We didn't even mean to go there but somehow we ended up at sixth crossing long after hours one Sunday evening and the missionary couple there took us in and gave us our own special tour. It turned out to be the most spiritual and impactful stop of our entire trip and I'll never forget Elder and Sister Buckner. The fact that your parents are going there is better than you think! You are going to LOVE the stories they send home.

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