bucket lists.


While in Ireland I made a list of 'Life Goals'. 
Most rather extreme, but life is for living, so why not make it count?
One was dancing the Tango in Buenos Aires.
As soon as I got back I found an Argentine Tango class at ASU and I fell in love.
It's a dance with so much emotion and since I'm a closet actress, I love to do anything that allows for character development. 

Dancing at ASU with my favorite friend from Germany

I danced it for 2 years before moving to Idaho and saying goodbye to my favorite hobby. 
Before I agreed to marry Marcus, I told him he'd either have to learn the tango, or be okay with the fact that I was, at some point, going to go to Argentina and dance with some man that was not him. And I was going to like it very much.
He didn't so much like the second idea, so he agreed to the first.
Ahhh, that's my boy...
Finally the time has come, we found a class taught by my ASU teacher, but it's at a community college in the area so we don't have to pay university tuition. We start at the end of this month and I'm completely ecstatic!
I've attached a few videos for your viewing pleasure. The first one's rather passionate, just so you know.
The second is a couple that I took a three day workshop from, they're really amazing and super nice, and the last one is my beautiful and talented teacher.

What's on your bucket list?


Liesl said...

Oh how I loved Argentine during my summer there and 2nd I love that you are accomplishing things on your bucket list...go Argentine Tango!!!

Liesl :)

Lia said...

A few items from my bucket list:
Visiting Paris
Getting a Nikon D5000
Having a baby

Chelsey Oliver said...

EXCITING!!! You two are the classiest couple I know.


KateLately said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that! How cool! I can't wait to see your sweet Tango moves! That's a good husband right there :) I hope mine will take Swing classes with me... haha

Karen said...

Hehe. I'm not surprised that Marcus gave way to option number one.
I love the tango. Haven't had time to learn but it most definitely is on my bucket list (in my bucket list?) :)
Have fun at your class!

Waitingformeg said...

I would love to go for dancing classes myself! And it is actually on my bucket list. But I just don't know where I will fit it in.

AliceKND said...

Nothing beats Sam and Isabel's version at the ranch.  :)  Where THAT video?  :P

Kylie Pond said...

I was literally JUST telling my husband that someday he WOULD take a ballroom dance class me. I loved doing swing with my guy friends in high school and college, so I told him he gets to learn to be my new partner.

e. day said...

love how you got him to agree to it. now i feel weird for not having a bucket list. i definitely need to create one immediately. 

Autumn said...

I love that he decided to do it, that made me laugh.

Bucket list item?  I want my husband and I both to graduate from grad school debt free...so far, so good.

Kira said...

Creepy, I just did a bucket list post yesterday!

AshleeNeva said...

Have you seen "Day Zero Project"? You can make a bucket list online. It's supposed to be 101 things you want to do in 1,001 days...which puts a little more urgency in the doing part. I like it because it counts down for you. One thing on my list - take the train from Denver to California (over the Rockies).

shea said...

you and marcus making a tango video needs to happen (:

Aubrey Chevrier said...

I am dying to take dance classes! I need to find some reasonably priced ones here in atl. But for now zumba will have to due :) 

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