A Girl In Need Needs Photosynthesis Indeed.


I live in Rexburg, Idaho. 
Idaho is cold. 
Rexburg is an icebox. 
shortly after I moved to this land, because I was madly in love with this man.
It is situated just so that cold air gets trapped in its valley. It is windy year-round. It snows from November to May and if you’re really lucky, you could wake up one morning in July and see your car visited by the Snow Demons (some people call them Snow Fairies, but I know who they‘re working for)!

I’ve already braved one winter, and when I say “braved” I only mean survived--I do not want you to get the impression that I was any sort of courageous throughout it. I cried. 
More than once. 

I am an Arizona girl, who should probably be a California girl, because frankly,
 Arizona is too hot. 
I find it somewhat odd that I, an ultra temperature-sensitive girl would live in two of the most extremely climited (this is not a word, but I assume you know what I’m getting at) places on the west coast.

Anyway, last week it started to get really cold. Really
Marcus was at school, so I let myself cry uninhibitedly. Not that he wouldn’t have let me cry, but I didn’t want him to feel bad that it was because of him that I was in this somewhat undesirable land.

Photosynthesis was what I needed. 

I needed home

Well, with my luck, what do you think I found on Facebook that day? 
My cousin, in Provo, asking if anyone wanted to drive down to Arizona with her next weekend. I DID! 

I told Marcus how much I missed home and asked if he would be okay if I left for a few days. I could tell, he wasn’t really jazzed about the idea, but he’s a good man and let me. 
I found a ride on the RIDEBOARD at BYU-I, made an itinerary, packed my bag, and got excited. 

I was giddy about the trip…until last night. 

We were laying in bed cuddling when it hit me: I wasn’t going to get to snuggle up to this hunk of a man for 6 bedtimes! 
(see picture of said hunk below)
We haven’t been apart since we were married. 

I told him I missed him. 
He said, “Already?”
“Yes. Already.”

He said he was excited to see me on Thursday. 
I said, “Already?”
“Yes. Already.”

While in Arizona I will fill my soul with Sunshine, but Thursday…? 

Thursday will be delightful.
Even if it snows.


Lauren said...

I completely get this. This April I left to go on vacation for with a friend. It had nearly been 2 years since we were married, but we had never had a night apart. I was miserable in CALIFORNIA! Unheard of, right?

So yes...I get it.

Corey and Bridgette said...

I wish I was coming with you guys! stupid school. Although it is quite nice in Utah this weekend... I'll give it another couple weeks till I despise the place again! haha

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post. Every single word right down to the letter.

Bobbins said...

Can you find time to take our pictures in one of your magical places? No one compares to you. I've looked.

Kelsey said...

I feel so bad for the people who go to school in Rexburg, I thought Logan Utah was cold. Please try to keep your tootsies warm!

ash said...

Lauren, we did it for 20+ years and then all of the sudden it's the worst thing ever...weird.

Bobbins, I don't think I can this trip, but we'll be back down for Thanksgiving break and we could probably do a shoot then.

Thanks girlies!

Jamie said...

I am planning on going to BYU-I winter semester. I am from souther Utah, so I am very used to hot hot weather. I am scared and will probably cry in the very very cold weather like you do.
Do you like the school though?!

ash said...

GET A REALLY WARM COAT, scarves, gloves, hats, and boots and you'll manage I'm sure. The school is good. I'm used to Arizona State so it's a bit of shock to me, but since you grew up in Utah it probably won't be that strange. The semester that I went to Byu-idaho I had some really great professors. What are you majoring in?

Kelsey said...

I feel so bad for the people who go to school in Rexburg, I thought Logan Utah was cold. Please try to keep your tootsies warm!

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