Five Senses of the Fourth.


Juicy watermelon and perfectly ripe honeydew with just the right amount of lime squeezed on top.
My nephew flirt with Jenny,
family playing volleyball,
my brother-in-law taking his daughter for a canoe ride in the back yard,
matching best friend Saltwaters.

laughter, fireworks, the star-spangled banner, ice-cream maker churning in the garage.

Fireworks and rain

 A cool breeze, light rain on my skin, happiness, love, gratitude.
sister, brother, me
I'll tell you again, it was a magnificent vacation.

What Were Your Five on the Fourth?

thanks angela for the idea.


Kelsey said...

Nothing says summertime like a new pair of saltwater sandals:) LOVE that you are wearing them! (and they are so cute in red!)

emily said...

can you please please please tell me where you got your salt waters and where are you canoeing and such? SO beautiful! Love the blog! Thanks!

Ashley Nielson said... for the shoes and canoeing in my sisters back yard :)

Savanna said...

Thats funny I saw and heard everything you did! So much fun right?

Ashley N. said...


Dani Shapiro said...

I love your Salt Waters! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my yellow and purple ones! :)

angela hardison said...

you're quite welcome. i love when others join in. that canoe photo is especially pretty.

Aubrey Chevrier said...

I love lime juice on watermelon!!

Highheelsandbubblegum said...

That picture with the canoe is breathtaking!

Jamie Urlacher said...

That length of shorts looks SO good on you! They look horrible on me, but I wish they didn't! I spent the fourth at a lake and it was absolutely perfect. =]

Diana Smith said...

Cute saltwaters!

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