Today is Marcus' birthday.
He's my best friend, my photographer, my travel companion,
my comforter, my standing Friday night appointmentmy cuddle partner, my love, and he also happens to looks oh-so-good in a suit.

Everyday I'm assured that I made the right choice when
Oh how lucky I am that he is mine and I his.
Happy Birthday, Love!
<3 your girl

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  1. so sweet! Happy Birthday Marcus! 

  2. This is so sweet. :) Happy bday! Where in the world is that awesome pirate looking ship!?

  3. Aww! Happy Birthday! I usually like celebrating my husband's birthday more than my own. It's so fun to spoil them.

  4. Awww. This is so adorable.
    Happy birthday Marcus!
    Also: that first bow-tie is AWESOME!

  5. A very happy birthday to such a handsome and loving husband!! You guys are too cute for words together.  Hope you both enjoy his special day!

  6. You guys are such a cute couple Happy Birthday to your husband!!! :D 

  7. oh, what a sweet post! Happy birthday Marcus ^^ These photos are beautiful :) the very last one is my favorite :) x

  8. i want me and my future husband to be just like you guys. for real.

  9. This is so sweet. Happy Birthday to your man! And I love your links back to all your past posts about how much you love him. Precious! {randeashby.blogspot.com}

  10. Happy birthday! I read your story about how you guys met the other day. Funny, my boyfriend and I started talking on Facebook as well before we got together :)


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