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In the past month I've had extremely busy weekends, with lots of big and exciting plans and as much as I loved them, I was really ready for a break. This weekend I kept all plans empty. There were no anniversary trips, no family reunions, no hiking the grand canyon--just me and my time, to do with as I pleased. It was lovely. Was it weird that I was so looking forward to an event-free weekend?
Here's what I filled my time with:
1. doted on this gorgeous necklace from le mode accessories.
First class package from a first class shop! @shoplemode
2. went to the Post Office to send out a batch of june.july belts. thanks again for your orders!

3. hit up home depot to get supplies for this little project.
Rainbows everywhere!
4. wrapped Marcus' birthday present 10 days in advanced, only to find myself tempted to give it to him early everyday...don't let me do it!
Just wrapped up Marcus' birthday present. Now somebody stop me before I give it to him 9 days early...
5. laughed at my nephews bold pattern mixing skills.
My nephew is not afraid to pattern mix.
6. Hit the thrift stores (every one in Mesa)

7. turned this 80s dress:
into this new-to-me skirt:

Sunday dinner.
8. had a baby...
wait, i didn't. but i played with a really cute one.
What do you like to do when you have nothing you have to do?


kitsune-kun said...

these are so cute! you're adorable! lately I have been debarking
branches like a madwoman...I'll reveal why later I guess. it's hard to

Liz said...

Ha, ha! My son has the same matching skills that your nephew has :)

Missrashamarie said...

sounds like fun! 

Aileenbohn said...

luv u, your skirt, and delicious levi:)

victoria vida said...

I loved the way you wrapped the gife, and the skirt is oh so cute!!

Ashley Nielson said...

ooo, i'm excited to hear about it!

Ashley Nielson said...

thanks :) i was pretty excited about it

Johanna said...

I love empty days. I had one today. I went to the gym, finished a book, rented a Beatles-movie and finally got my photos on the computer in order. A day to reboot, you can say.

Highheelsandbubblegum said...

I have to admit that when I have nothing to do I either shop or sleep!

Autumn said...

I love that skirt that you made!  I like to read or re-organize our apartment and de-junk.  De-junking is definitely a favorite.

Kacie McMackin said...

You are just lovely!  Just stumbled across your blog!  I love it.


cardiganempire said...

What a darling child.  I bet he is friendly

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