a quick hello and two takes on an outfit.


 Hi! Happy Sunday evening! 
I just got back from a delicious meal at Andrew and Reachel's house. 
Have you guys seen Parenthood (it's on Netflix)? They had mentioned liking it a few weeks ago, so I decided to check it out while Poppy took naps on my chest, and I am officially obsessed. It has inspired us all to just spend more time hanging out with our siblings. 
What are your thoughts on it, if you're a watcher?
Anyway, I've had such an eventful weekend with a lot to share, but for now I'm just going to do a quick outfit post because I missed my usual Saturday post.

To Church:
To Dinner:
 outfit details:
nerd glasses//forever21 $7
feather earrings//bought in New Mexico (gift from marcus)
arrow necklace//stella&dot (gift from marcus)
arizona necklace//nordstroms (gift from marcus)
pleated skirt//thrifted $3
suede wedges//last chance $20
black cigarette jeans//express (really old)

a happy thought.


This was such an incredibly inspiring story, it had me in tears. If all my dreams came true, this would be my life (but in Central or South America). 
Ever since my experience in Honduras, I've had dreams of this. I hope someday to have the bravery and means to make it come true. Until then, I will try my best to serve where I am.

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my husband just got the new iphone, i won't hear from him for days...

 Well for a quick second my (borrowed) digital camera decided it really wanted to live its life as a film camera and experience light leaks, burns, and multiple exposures, then it decided that was enough and went back to normal...still not quite sure what that was all about, but it made for some interesting photos i guess.
 I'm having so much fun taking classes this semester, I feel like I would be happiest if I could be a student my whole life long. Now if i could only figure out a way to get paid for that...Maybe I could make a career out of reviewing professors???
 outfit details:
high-low striped top//c.o. oasap (15% off your first order: "oasap-15")
gold giraffe necklace, bracelet, no. 2 pencil skirt// jcrew sale
red purse// forever21
If you're in classes this semester are you liking it? 
What's your favorite one so far?

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my little dreamer.


I was just sitting here in bed doing homework while Poppy burrowed herself in our blankets, but the mumbling i heard, seemed not only in my head...I finally uncovered the little lady and found her adorned in a kukui nut lei chattering on to herself about how when Marcus got home she was going to convince him to move us to Hawaii. It was a proud moment for this puppy mommy--love my little dreamer.

What are your pets telling you today?
Did you ever think you would love your animal as much as you do?

We All Fall Down.


I found these pictures from when we were dating and I was laughing pretty hard, so i had to share.
maker gif
my outfit details:
polka dot dress//made by my talented mother
orange flats//forever21 (old)
maker gif
seriously, that kick at the end?
it's no wonder i fell in love.

CLOSED: $50 Mikarose Credit Giveaway!


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 I've learned that having a puppy and teaching a class of 6 year olds at church both dictate the kinds of clothes i can wear.
They have to be simple, comfortable, and require minimal accessorizing because both kids and puppies want to hang on (or bite) anything 'extra'
This dress from mikarose passed the test. Kids could hang on me without me fearing an embarrassing flashes here or there, and the only thing that distracted anyone was those buttons, but soon enough little Poppy found something else (my headscarf) and my dress was in the clear.
 outfit details:
headscarf: vintage//$5
bailey dress in navy: c.o. mikarose
heals: rocketdogs//super old
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{Tunes} on Tuesday: Featuring Coldplay


if you follow lauren on twitter or facebook, you may know that yesterday was a hard day for her family. ted left for basic training. i had the opportunity to go meet little zoey and i got to see the interaction between ted and zoey. and my goodness, it was precious. i've never seen such protective and doting father (i mean, LOOK!). i can't imagine how hard it must be for him. i can't imagine how hard it must be for lar to do this for a time without him. but i also think what they are doing is beautiful, and that they will be blessed for it and be stronger for it.

and i have no doubt that zoey will know her daddy loves her.
as i was reading about his departure on various social media sites, this song popped into my mind--it was the song that marcus and i would listen to when he left for college at in Idaho and I was still enrolled at ASU. 
We were still dating and we didn't really know what our future held at that point, but we knew it wasn't fun or easy being apart. This song just helped me feel--feel the emotions i had inside. I love songs that can aid in that process.

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Gone Country


Yesterday was my best friend's (since 3rd grade) 24th birthday! 
More on the complex that gives me later, but for now I will tell you that the birthday dinner was at a really fun, country-themed restaurant, and so we all dressed up in our countriest apparel--without looking costume-y of course.
This is what I came up with--I'm sure i could have done better, but i was only informed of the dress code about 15 minutes in advance, so, here you have it.
outfit details:
arrow necklace// stella&dot::gift
red bag// forever21::$14
dress// victoria's secret::borrowed
gold watch// c.o. mimi's the look
bracelet & belt// jcrew::$10 & $24
slip-extender// c.o. a slip shop
tabby boots// c.o. PB&J Boutique

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A La Grande Time, With La Grande Friends, At La Grande Orange


This week Jack and Jenny came for a quick visit on their way to Texas. It was fun to get to introduce them to our new puppy and take them to a few of our favorite eateries.
Obviously La Grande Orange Pizzeria was on the bill. We always get the avocado pizza with added corn. Y'all, just don't knock it til you've tried it, and please, please try it.
Jack is clearly having a moral complex in this picture--to eat the last piece of divine pizza even though one's full, or not to eat the blessed pizza. 
Always eat it. Always.
Nobody knows where jack other shoe went in this picture--he's always full of surprises.
And nobody knows why I look 7 feet tall in this picture...
They're cute and I miss them already. Good luck in Texas guys!

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picture your life...better.


we're busy getting ready for their arrival today:
but you simply must watch this:
marcus and i were both in tears last night--but, like, good tears.

+btw, i totally take pictures of food and have nothing against it, but people, this is hilarious

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Things That Are Making Me Happy This Thursday:


+getting to meet this cute little thing (who happens to have the worlds cutest lips)
+the fact that the weather is cooling down (even if it's just the tinniest bit--it's a step in the right direction)

+my photography class, it really feels so good to be back!

+this glitter earring from twig creative that i can't stop wearing
+that after months of semi-anti-socialness, we have plans to do something with other people than just us this friday (and the plans involve these things)
+this picture of marcus and i at benihana--it's hard to capture marcus' real smile on camera, so when it happens i fall in love all over again

and the thing that is making me the happiest of all:

+the totally spontaneous purchase we made this labor day that if you follow me on instagram (@ashleyanielson) you know what i'm talking about...eeep! it's soooo exciting!

Now, don't leave me hangin'
What's making you happy this Thursday?
(tell me here or tag me in an instagram, so i can SEE what's making you happy)

{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Put A Bird On It!


I'm almost positive that these are magic boots. 
I at least know, for sure, that they make all my boot dreams come true.
For years I've been searching for that perfect short boot--never have I found her--until these showed up at my back door. In my eyes, they are perfection. 
I have a feeling they are going to be my go-to shoe for the fall, just like my rainbow huaraches were my go to for summer.
I don't know about you, but I'm getting super excited for Fall--could be that it's September and it's still 110 degrees out--ya, that could be why I'm excited for some change...
I just crave boots, and tights, and pumpkin treats. Did you hear that Arizona? I'm ready for you to ring in Autumn.
Any day now...
outfit details:
twisted side pony//tutorial here
sparkle earring//gift from twig creative
purse//forever21 (old) $14
bird dress//target (plus size section) $32
slip-extender// c/o a slip shop
bracelets//vintage, jcrew sale $7, c/o a beautiful heart
watch// c/o mimi's the look
tabby boots//c/o PB&J  (giveaway coming soon!)

What are you most looking forward to with the change of season?

Arizona Restaurant Review: Brat Haus//Friday Night With My Baby


 Friday night we were antsy. 
We had spent the majority of the week working on house projects and with empty stomachs and an empty fridge, we hit the town.
 We had walked passed this place on Scottsdale Road a few weeks prior and as soon as Marcus saw the German flag flying above it, I knew were going to make our way their sooner, rather than later.
But I didn't mind, I saw pretzels on the menu.
 It's called Brat Haus, it's in downtown Scottsdale, and it just opened up in July, so it's really new.
It's got a killer modern, rustic, german beer-garden-esque design and excellent costumer service. 
Every employee is super friendly and helpful and talks highly of the place and the food.
 Plus, they have this giant mural of Ron Swanson...so, there's that.
But here's where the problem started: Marcus lived in Germany for two years. He basically idolizes the place, and he hold their food in the highest esteem. So what I'm trying to say is, he wasn't overly impressed. 
He ordered a beer brat--the flavor and texture wasn't the same as it is in Germany, the sauerkraut was 'okay' and the bun was good. He (and I) were also not overly impressed with the pretzels. They were a little too dense. 
Nothing there was gross, it just didn't really leave us wanting more.
Except for one thing--their glass bottle sodas.
I got this butterscotch root beer, and DANG! did it live up to it's name. 
I think a tear came out of my eye. I begged Marcus to let me get at least a thousand to go. 
He said no.
He got SKI which is a lemon-orange flavored soda and it was so refreshing and unique.
So the pros were the ambience, the service, and the sodas.
The cons were, unfortunately, the food.

To be fair, the beer menu was like 4 times longer than the food menu, so perhaps we aren't really their target audience, since we weren't coming for alcohol.
I have a feeling we'll go back and give it one more chance. I'll try the Belgium french fries that we saw on someone else's table that looked quite divine and the beet salad, and Marcus will try a spicy brat with the apricot onion chutney and we'll of course get ourselves a glass bottle soda.
And hopefully our minds will be changed--because I like the company and I want it to be a success.

Have You Been?
Or do you know of any good German restaurants we should try?

The {Twisted Side Pony} Tutorial


hey ladies, after posting this photo a few people requested a tutorial, so after a long pause from those nerve-racking things, i got back on the horse and recorded a quick one. 
hope you learn something--promise, it's really simple.
You can see how it "fell" when I used only bobby pins in this post.

++And you can see my other tutorials right here.

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Blue Moon


I know that it's been said that the return of the romper/jumpsuit is a sign of the apocalypse or something wild like that, but I really must admit--I'm a huge fan. 
I mean, i can wear pants, but look and feel like i'm wearing a dress. Plus I just like that little bit of 70s groove i get when i'm in one. Sue me.
I've been seen wearing them on multiple occasions--here and here. As well as a short {embarrassing} story about their one downfall here.
What do you think? Hats on or Hats off to the trend?
outfit details:
fedora hat: forever21 (old)// $6
jackie cardigan and belt: jcrew sale//$25 and $12
mary-janes: rocketdog (old)//$60
gold bracelet: vintage//gift

++bubble giveaway announced here!
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