We All Fall Down.


I found these pictures from when we were dating and I was laughing pretty hard, so i had to share.
maker gif
my outfit details:
polka dot dress//made by my talented mother
orange flats//forever21 (old)
maker gif
seriously, that kick at the end?
it's no wonder i fell in love.


Aiketa said...

hahahaha so funny Ashley! It made me laugh too!
And I love your dress!!! Gorgeous!

Irene Navajas said...

so funny!

grace822 said...

ha too cute!!!!

Natasha St John said...


Jennifer said...

Aw, sweet! We love the fall :-) Nice dress too!!

CaLeaBagley said...

OKAY. I'm in love with the lighting in these pictures... not to mention the vibrant orange leaves. I'm one of those girls who craves autumn all year long. So yeah, considering the fact that today is the first day of fall, I'm one happy lady.

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love these pictures, seriously. makes me want to go take some pictures up in the canyon. hopefully i will get to next weekend, the leaves are starting to look amazing.

Lacey Horst said...

ah! i love these.

kate mccurrach said...

Love the dress!

Taylor said...

love your dress!!

Sarah said...

You two are simply adorable!

malia said...

that made me smile!

ThreadsAndButtons said...

Haha, this is adorable! Jealous of the real fall you were having back then! Oh, and of the fact that you must have a SUPER talented mother! That dress is beautiful!

Jennifer Ray said...

So Fun!

hattie said...

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ahahah these are the best photos ever! TOO cute. i love that they are fall themed too. perfect to put up for the weather now.

talk soon wild child

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