Things That Are Making Me Happy This Thursday:


+getting to meet this cute little thing (who happens to have the worlds cutest lips)
+the fact that the weather is cooling down (even if it's just the tinniest bit--it's a step in the right direction)

+my photography class, it really feels so good to be back!

+this glitter earring from twig creative that i can't stop wearing
+that after months of semi-anti-socialness, we have plans to do something with other people than just us this friday (and the plans involve these things)
+this picture of marcus and i at benihana--it's hard to capture marcus' real smile on camera, so when it happens i fall in love all over again

and the thing that is making me the happiest of all:

+the totally spontaneous purchase we made this labor day that if you follow me on instagram (@ashleyanielson) you know what i'm talking about...eeep! it's soooo exciting!

Now, don't leave me hangin'
What's making you happy this Thursday?
(tell me here or tag me in an instagram, so i can SEE what's making you happy)


amber0517 said...

Happy? Mmmm... how work is finally slowed down >:D

taylor said...

Hey girl don't leave me hanging. What diid you purchase? (I'm not on instagram.) This Thursday ... I'm just happy to be alive. It's been a long week :)

Andrea Hunt said...

the puppy that you got is making me puppy hungry!!! seriously so cute.

making me happy hair is a hot mess of curls, and i actually like how it turned out!

mwaits said...

getting organized, and donating stuff, is making me super happy! less is more!

Erica said...

Mu husband got an exclusive interview in his news market with Ann Romney! Nerdy happiness. But awesome. I'm so jealous of the puppy!!

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