{Tunes} on Tuesday: Featuring Coldplay


if you follow lauren on twitter or facebook, you may know that yesterday was a hard day for her family. ted left for basic training. i had the opportunity to go meet little zoey and i got to see the interaction between ted and zoey. and my goodness, it was precious. i've never seen such protective and doting father (i mean, LOOK!). i can't imagine how hard it must be for him. i can't imagine how hard it must be for lar to do this for a time without him. but i also think what they are doing is beautiful, and that they will be blessed for it and be stronger for it.

and i have no doubt that zoey will know her daddy loves her.
as i was reading about his departure on various social media sites, this song popped into my mind--it was the song that marcus and i would listen to when he left for college at in Idaho and I was still enrolled at ASU. 
We were still dating and we didn't really know what our future held at that point, but we knew it wasn't fun or easy being apart. This song just helped me feel--feel the emotions i had inside. I love songs that can aid in that process.


Samantha said...

thanks for sharing Ashley!! I love coldplay! To bits!! :) I'm going through what you went through now, long distance relationships do suck. But knowing I'll see him again soon is a great feeling :D

Elle said...

This and Sparks were me and my husband's songs when we were dating :) I love old coldplay… if only they were still as good as the rush of blood or parachutes days...

xo, elle from Living
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