The {Twisted Side Pony} Tutorial


hey ladies, after posting this photo a few people requested a tutorial, so after a long pause from those nerve-racking things, i got back on the horse and recorded a quick one. 
hope you learn something--promise, it's really simple.
You can see how it "fell" when I used only bobby pins in this post.

++And you can see my other tutorials right here.


lexi said...

This is SO cute -- especially since it's still so hot here in Miami!
♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

Taylor Jane said...

cute :) im gonna try it

Jennifer Ray said...

Cute idea! my ponytails r starting to bore me, so this might b fun:)

Mickelle McCrory said...

super cute. i'll have to try this one

Andrea Morrow said...

I've used that same twist concept to make my hair wavy! (I don't want to say 'curl' because it's not a curl, more like a wave.) I just divide my hair into 6 or 7 sections when it's almost dry (like 90% dry) and twist and pin like you did in the video then wait several hours while it dries that last 10%. Then I take them out and loosen the twists. And then my formally straight hair is no longer!

Meg said...

I want to know where your shirt and necklace came from! I'm loving both!

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