{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Blue Moon


I know that it's been said that the return of the romper/jumpsuit is a sign of the apocalypse or something wild like that, but I really must admit--I'm a huge fan. 
I mean, i can wear pants, but look and feel like i'm wearing a dress. Plus I just like that little bit of 70s groove i get when i'm in one. Sue me.
I've been seen wearing them on multiple occasions--here and here. As well as a short {embarrassing} story about their one downfall here.
What do you think? Hats on or Hats off to the trend?
outfit details:
fedora hat: forever21 (old)// $6
jackie cardigan and belt: jcrew sale//$25 and $12
mary-janes: rocketdog (old)//$60
gold bracelet: vintage//gift

++bubble giveaway announced here!


Irene Navajas said...

I'm not really into this trend because they don't suit me a lot and feel weird, but if people like and look cute.. go ahead!

malia waits said...

oh i love it!! i really really do!

Emily said...

It looks like a dress!!! haha I am too scared to even try it...


malia waits said...

ps, if anyone can pull it off, it is you! but as for the bathroom incident, i couldnt put myself through that every time i had to use the bathroom! ha

Lauren Aitchison said...

This is nutty in a brilliant way! The pattern's lovely x

Ashley Nielson said...

hahaha! it was some kind of adrenaline rush. thats for sure...

Ashley Nielson said...

thank you!

Scout said...

I think the romper/jumpsuit trend is awesome. They looks really cute in fun floral patterns and solids are so fun to accessorize. Unfortunately, I just can't seem to pull them off very well. You look beautiful, though!

Hugs, Scout

Alicia Segerson said...

I was so tempted on buying this jumpsuit on eBay. But, now that I see it on you I really should have scooped that sucker up!!! Dang it :(

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