a quick hello and two takes on an outfit.


 Hi! Happy Sunday evening! 
I just got back from a delicious meal at Andrew and Reachel's house. 
Have you guys seen Parenthood (it's on Netflix)? They had mentioned liking it a few weeks ago, so I decided to check it out while Poppy took naps on my chest, and I am officially obsessed. It has inspired us all to just spend more time hanging out with our siblings. 
What are your thoughts on it, if you're a watcher?
Anyway, I've had such an eventful weekend with a lot to share, but for now I'm just going to do a quick outfit post because I missed my usual Saturday post.

To Church:
To Dinner:
 outfit details:
nerd glasses//forever21 $7
feather earrings//bought in New Mexico (gift from marcus)
arrow necklace//stella&dot (gift from marcus)
arizona necklace//nordstroms (gift from marcus)
pleated skirt//thrifted $3
suede wedges//last chance $20
black cigarette jeans//express (really old)


Dani Shapiro said...

Such a gorgeous top - perfect for the most fabulous Arizonian! :)

Ashley Nielson said...

thank you sweet darlin'!

Amanda said...

Cute outfits! You have such an eye for putting things together. As for Parenthood - I'm a big fan. It makes me wish I had a large family like theirs.

Erica Jenkins said...

parenthood is one of my favorite shows! I love the characters how relateable they can be. love it!

Andrea Carol said...

I LOVE that top, and for a moment had to have it until I went to their website and saw it on the model where it didn't look nearly as cute. Then, I doubted myself, and decided I probably couldn't pull it off as well as you do. ANYWAYS, you are just gorgeous. Happy Monday! (:

cardiganempire said...

It was fun having you, especially in your modern homage to Elaine. Thanks for staying and watching Parenthood with Andrew, you helped him live the dream :)

Taylor Jane said...

i like the shirt with the skirt :) your dog is adorible

Autumn said...

I started watching Parenthood just to see if I liked it when I read this yesterday. I totally watched five hours straight of it...I love this show now!

Melissa Wright said...

Found you on MFB, and my #1 thought it: I love your glasses! I need to get new ones and keep looking for the right ones, yours are amazing!


Laura Mecham said...

I just found your blog and I love it. Excited to follow you!

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