the moral of the story is that in 10th grade i was basically an amazing poet.


A Strange Encounter
Ashley Bagley

I enter a room and what do I see,
But seven small monsters there staring at me.
What do they want and why are they here?

My mother said, “Darling it’s nothing to fear.
It’s only the gremlins, from the cave down the street.
They’re trying to be social, and that’s quite a feat.
They came bringing goodies--a cockroach pie.
And one of them offered me his furthest right eye.
Just be polite, you must ask for a slice.
But don’t be ridiculous and ask for it twice.”

“Mother, you’re kidding, you can’t be for real!
A real-life old gremlin is something you kill!
They mustn’t stay here and be-come our friend
For death and destruction is how we will end!
They are never as gentle and kind as they seem.
This whole act is just one big gremlin scheme!”

I realized this problem couldn’t be worse,
Just then those small creatures began to disperse.

“WE DID IT, WE DID IT!” Those monsters didn’t win.
I unwelcomed those beasts, is that such a sin?
I pondered about the day, quite extreme,
And then I awoke to find it a dream.

{Tunes} on Tuesday: Featuring Nancy Sinatra


I'm completely obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance this season and every time I watch it I get a little bit depressed that I am not a dancer and that I don't have complete control of my body (and let's not even mention that amazing flexibility!) 
I was really excited when this song started playing, I love its simple drama. I love Nancy Sinatra. And I especially love when she's paired with such a cool dance.
Excuse me while I go practice my splits...

Are You Watching?

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boy, oh boy, my birthday boy.


{free birthday lunch at liberty market//veggie pizza}
we had plans for indoor rock climbing or a trip to the shooting range, but after eating breakfast we realized Mother Nature had received my personal plea for beautiful weather in the name of my sweetie, and we couldn't get ourselves to stay indoors.
so instead we found this beautiful nursery we had been wanting to visit and one of the men there gave us a tour of the entire place. he showed us all his favorite plants and gave us a little history of the place, and we both just fell in love it (and bought some charming little plants).
it was a beautiful day full of free food, free entertainment, and the very best of weather. 
plus, i was celebrating my favorite person--how could i not be happy?
{i spent way too much time drawing all these on, but marcus liked it, so it was worth it.}
{i asked our best friends and siblings/in-laws to email me their favorite qualities/memories about marcus and compiled 25 of them as a special surprise at the end of the night. it was really special for him}
{better late than never? birthday candle blow-out 3 days later...}

CLOSED: {For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Bubbles! +A Giveaway


Brittni is the lucky winner! 
Check your inbox for an email from me!
 Jaada from bubble necklace co. sent me this gorgeous bubble necklaces and i'm sending one out to one of you! 

outfit details:
cobalt peplum blouse (LOVE THIS SO MUCH!): c/o sugarlips
belt and watch: j.crew (old)
jeans: forever21
illi wedges: c/o blowfish (15% off with code BFUNICORNS)

(She has the most fab colors! And only $34, seriously these things turn a plain outfit into an amazing one!)
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Good Luck & Have A Great Weekend!

{Foodie} Friday


this is probably the fastest/simplest dessert you can make other than a bowl of ice-cream, but it is so delicious that your mind and your mouth will probably have troubles fully comprehending it.
trust me.

you can buy this frozen naan bread at trader joe's for about two dollars and change. you stick it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 3-4 minutes or until just barely crispy (barely!)
then while its still warm, smear a generous amount of nutella and top with bluebell homemade vanilla ice-cream.
fold it like a taco and enjoy!

mr. twenty-five today


 as long as it's talking with you,
talk of the weather will do.
{sloan photographers}
happy birthday, love.
it's gonna be a good one.
your girl

there's a bug. on my dress.


just started school on monday. i'm super excited about it! spots opened up in two of the three classes i was hoping for. the one that i'm really excited about is photography. i can't wait to get back in the darkroom! it's been way too long. plus my teacher seems super cool. i just feel energized when i'm a student. i knew from my very first semester that i'd be one of those people who were constantly taking classes, even if it's just for fun!
i did not however know that i'd be someone who's favorite dress would have beetles on it, but i can't really say i'm surprised--i've always had an eye for the stranger things.
are you in school this semester? taking any fun classes? i'd love to hear!
outfit details:
'a' watch: urban outfitters $22
insect dress: c/o oasap
steve madden wedges: last chance $20
curls done without heat using curlformers (there's a picture of them in my hair in this post)



this dress is labeled 'plus-size'...
finding more than a year old thank-you note, never sent...feels really lame.
this is what happens when you hang out at your mom's house for too long...
i ended up getting into the photography class i was hoping for and was welcoming this this truly creepy hand. yay MCC...
it was a red stripes kind of day.
after marcus made me these,
we decided we needed to hit the pool!
now if only we could get this old laundromat to give me one of these vintage chairs...
the perks of working a 9PM-6AM shift
instead of going straight home and hitting the hay i found myself wandering the neighborhood trying to find a clear spot to watch this beauty unfold.
it was well worth it.
it filled my soul with light all week.
this was the day of the mental-breakdown.
this day was a weird day.
loving my new blowfish shoes, perfect for fall, no?
the question remains: will i ever love any of my own babies as much as i love these two babies?

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Red Lips/White Stripes


lately we've been getting stuff up on our walls and it's amazing how much more of a home it feels like!
i can't even handle how much i love this shelf that marcus built for me. every time i walk in the door i get excited to look at again.
and folks, if you want to save 15% or more on furniture, make it doll furniture for your living room.
it's all the rage.

outfit details:
striped top and rhinestone bracelet: jcrew sale
vigoss jeans: nordstrom
sperry top-siders: online
gold bracelet: c/o a beautiful heart

a free-write on putting things off.


I'm sitting in a long line at Mesa Community College for the second time this week. I've been here for about an hour, earlier this week I spent two hours here before Marcus called for a ride and I had to give up my place in line.
It was last Spring that I decided I wanted to sign up for at least one class this Fall, but naturally I waited 'til the week before school started to get my butt down here, and appearently, by the current wait time, the rest of the Mesa student population had the same plan.
Just a moment ago I logged onto the college website to confirm the course number of the class I am here to sign up for, and it appears that the class is full...and closed.
I'm stuck here for at least another hour because Marcus has the car and is busy across town.
My first thought was, "This is so lame, why can't they have more than 30 people in class, they should just let me in...blah, blah, blah, complain, blah, blah." But as I sit here, I realize this is my fault--school starts in 3 days. I'm the lame one for waiting this long to come down here, when I know my life is not really that busy--but maybe that's exactly the problem, I also have "plenty of time". I've noticed myself saying or thinking, "Well, I'll just do that tomorrow, I don't really have anything going on..." and then I fill my day with things that are not the things I needed to get done yesterday, and so the things that I should have gotten done yesterday get pushed out to undefined tomorrows. And I end up sitting in libraries full of fellow procrastators, no longer with a reason to be there, and I have a realization that maybe my mom had a point all those years ago--that maybe, just maybe, I need to stop "putting off for tomorrow what i could get done today."

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Today I witnessed the fashion world reach an all-time low.

{Wardrobe} Wednesday: If You Can't Take the Heat...


i had somehow managed to climb down my stairs and land on my faux-leather couch, i'm not sure why i was down there except that it somehow made me feel better about myself than spending the entire day in my bed. i was in my undies, although i had gotten dressed twice that day, but found the clothes to be like a terrible entrapment of heat and torture--hence the only venture i had made that day was from my bed to our couch.
my eyes were hazed over as a steady stream of sweat dripped from my forehead around my nose to my chin, down my neck, through my cleavage and into my belly button. it was then i knew i was going to die right there--alone in my house.
they might tac it up as rare thing called spontaneous human combustion, but the news report told another tale. 117 degrees and none of the famous arizona dry heat, but humidity instead.
i'd never felt so much hatred for the place i lived as i did that day.
but then marcus took me out for my very favorite nutella calzone...
and i was over it.
Jane Iredale Lip Stain (favorite thing ever!): apothica
pearl necklace: ebay 
gingham perfect shirt and watch: jcrew 
last stop skirt: downeast 
teal wedges: c/o cents of style

friday night.


marcus and i don't watch a lot of TV. in fact we don't even have a TV, but my parents record Extreme Makeover: Weightless Edition, and we quite enjoy that show (Chris Powell lives in Arizona--FYI). so friday night when we had just finished a large and delicious pizza and then were stuffing our face with a calzone the size of both of our face combined, stuffed full with nutella and heaped with several scoops of vanilla ice-cream, i turned to marcus and said, "do you think Chris Powell would be totally disgusted with us right now? I mean there's probably like 3000 calories in this calzone alone." 
Marcus didn't think for more than a second when he answered, and quite passionately/defensively i might add, "I don't care, if he tried to say anything to us, i'd tell him to shove it--that he has no joy in his life, and that he doesn't know what he's missing."
alrighty then...
who am i kidding? I've never been prouder.
we then came home and somehow stumbed upon this video.
aka the most bizarre/intriguing youtube video i've ever seen.
anything interesting happen this weekend?

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Yeah.


Pirate-Hippies are so in right now, right?
Ya, well, just you wait, it will soon be sweeping the nation, and you can say you saw it first here.
Ground breaking stuff over here--ground breaking.
outfit details:
headscarf: j.crew sale $7
yellow earrings: forever21 $4
blouse: thrifted/vintage $3
white cropped denim: gap $30
andy warhol bag: ross $24
sandals: old navy $19

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© i believe in unicorns. Maira Gall.