boy, oh boy, my birthday boy.


{free birthday lunch at liberty market//veggie pizza}
we had plans for indoor rock climbing or a trip to the shooting range, but after eating breakfast we realized Mother Nature had received my personal plea for beautiful weather in the name of my sweetie, and we couldn't get ourselves to stay indoors.
so instead we found this beautiful nursery we had been wanting to visit and one of the men there gave us a tour of the entire place. he showed us all his favorite plants and gave us a little history of the place, and we both just fell in love it (and bought some charming little plants).
it was a beautiful day full of free food, free entertainment, and the very best of weather. 
plus, i was celebrating my favorite person--how could i not be happy?
{i spent way too much time drawing all these on, but marcus liked it, so it was worth it.}
{i asked our best friends and siblings/in-laws to email me their favorite qualities/memories about marcus and compiled 25 of them as a special surprise at the end of the night. it was really special for him}
{better late than never? birthday candle blow-out 3 days later...}


Megan Wait said...

I'm craving ginger ale now! Happy birthday to your man!

malia waits said...

it was wonderful weather! what a perfect day to have a birthday! looks like you guys had a sweet time!

Sara said...

Sounds like such a wonderful birthday! He's lucky to have you!

Jessica Wilson said...

If I could be half as cute as a wife as you are, my husband would be sooo happy!! You're so awesome, I love reading your blog everyday!

Aiketa said...

Oh, I did the same for my sister's 30th birthday. Of course she liked it lots!

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