a free-write on putting things off.


I'm sitting in a long line at Mesa Community College for the second time this week. I've been here for about an hour, earlier this week I spent two hours here before Marcus called for a ride and I had to give up my place in line.
It was last Spring that I decided I wanted to sign up for at least one class this Fall, but naturally I waited 'til the week before school started to get my butt down here, and appearently, by the current wait time, the rest of the Mesa student population had the same plan.
Just a moment ago I logged onto the college website to confirm the course number of the class I am here to sign up for, and it appears that the class is full...and closed.
I'm stuck here for at least another hour because Marcus has the car and is busy across town.
My first thought was, "This is so lame, why can't they have more than 30 people in class, they should just let me in...blah, blah, blah, complain, blah, blah." But as I sit here, I realize this is my fault--school starts in 3 days. I'm the lame one for waiting this long to come down here, when I know my life is not really that busy--but maybe that's exactly the problem, I also have "plenty of time". I've noticed myself saying or thinking, "Well, I'll just do that tomorrow, I don't really have anything going on..." and then I fill my day with things that are not the things I needed to get done yesterday, and so the things that I should have gotten done yesterday get pushed out to undefined tomorrows. And I end up sitting in libraries full of fellow procrastators, no longer with a reason to be there, and I have a realization that maybe my mom had a point all those years ago--that maybe, just maybe, I need to stop "putting off for tomorrow what i could get done today."


Emily Lunt said...

Well said!! I'm currently jobless and I relate all too well to this. This is such a good example of the pain of learning a lesson. And aren't we always learning lessons that our mom has already tried to teach us years before??

Alice said...

I'm terrible for doing this, I leave everything until the last possible minute and then get annoyed when other people can't help me out. Hopefully you'll get it all sorted, and I'm gonna go do the stuff I need to do today, rather than sitting reading blogs :S xo

Cannon said...

Gorgeous shade of lipstick!!!

Sadie said...

I was just thinking about this yesterday. I've been so bitter all summer that I was in school for the whole thing, I just wanted a vacation! Now that I have a two week break I am taking full advantage of it, both getting things done and relaxing. If I had had all summer off, I know I would have let the major procrastinator in me get out. Funny how sometimes having an open schedule can leave us totally unproductive.

Aimee said...

It is so funny, at least for me, when I was in school, I was much better and doing my homework early (not procrastinating) when I worked more hours at my job. I think its because when our time is scheduled out we know that we need to take advantage of the little free time we do have and can't waste it. Anyway, good luck figuring out how to manage your time when there isn't much required of you. I know I'm still working on that one.

Bri Rios said...

Oh gosh, that's totally how I feel with my BYU classes. After Winter term, I had to pay off loans...then get my ecclesiastical endorsement re-newed, THEN I could sign up for classes. A freaking month and a half later after everyone else! So now I'm stuck with a poop schedule, I have no one to blame but myself! But good on you for taking a class :)

Also, what color is your red lipstick?? I have about the same skin complexion as you and love that red on you :)

Irene Navajas said...

oh my, this is my exact situation, i have plenty of time but always do things the last day. :(

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