{Tunes} on Tuesday: Featuring Nancy Sinatra


I'm completely obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance this season and every time I watch it I get a little bit depressed that I am not a dancer and that I don't have complete control of my body (and let's not even mention that amazing flexibility!) 
I was really excited when this song started playing, I love its simple drama. I love Nancy Sinatra. And I especially love when she's paired with such a cool dance.
Excuse me while I go practice my splits...

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Sara said...

I am obsessed with SYTYCD! So glad to see you're a fellow SYTYCD-er! I wish I could dance too, haha.

Malin said...

Ah, I'm so obsessed with this!! That dance was one of my favourites, so amazing. I curse myself for never having taken up dancing & might even contemplate doing it now.. We'll see!

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