the moral of the story is that in 10th grade i was basically an amazing poet.


A Strange Encounter
Ashley Bagley

I enter a room and what do I see,
But seven small monsters there staring at me.
What do they want and why are they here?

My mother said, “Darling it’s nothing to fear.
It’s only the gremlins, from the cave down the street.
They’re trying to be social, and that’s quite a feat.
They came bringing goodies--a cockroach pie.
And one of them offered me his furthest right eye.
Just be polite, you must ask for a slice.
But don’t be ridiculous and ask for it twice.”

“Mother, you’re kidding, you can’t be for real!
A real-life old gremlin is something you kill!
They mustn’t stay here and be-come our friend
For death and destruction is how we will end!
They are never as gentle and kind as they seem.
This whole act is just one big gremlin scheme!”

I realized this problem couldn’t be worse,
Just then those small creatures began to disperse.

“WE DID IT, WE DID IT!” Those monsters didn’t win.
I unwelcomed those beasts, is that such a sin?
I pondered about the day, quite extreme,
And then I awoke to find it a dream.


ArchetypeSoap67 said...

Tay said...

haha. thats so cute :)

Emily Denton said...

IM pretty sure I had glasses just like that haha

Natasha St John said...

haha this made my day!

Alice DeWitt said...

Awesome. You are a real Dr. Suess. :)

Gabrielle Guzik said...

I love it!
Is it bad that it made me think of new (unwanted) neighbors moving into town?

Teresa said...

I think I love it.

Chelsea Hickman said...

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

Sara said...

hahaha This is great! Thanks for sharing!

Scout said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! This definitely brought a smile to my day.

Amy said...

You make Dr. Seuss run for his money!

Elaine said...

Um, you should be a poet!

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