friday night.


marcus and i don't watch a lot of TV. in fact we don't even have a TV, but my parents record Extreme Makeover: Weightless Edition, and we quite enjoy that show (Chris Powell lives in Arizona--FYI). so friday night when we had just finished a large and delicious pizza and then were stuffing our face with a calzone the size of both of our face combined, stuffed full with nutella and heaped with several scoops of vanilla ice-cream, i turned to marcus and said, "do you think Chris Powell would be totally disgusted with us right now? I mean there's probably like 3000 calories in this calzone alone." 
Marcus didn't think for more than a second when he answered, and quite passionately/defensively i might add, "I don't care, if he tried to say anything to us, i'd tell him to shove it--that he has no joy in his life, and that he doesn't know what he's missing."
alrighty then...
who am i kidding? I've never been prouder.
we then came home and somehow stumbed upon this video.
aka the most bizarre/intriguing youtube video i've ever seen.
anything interesting happen this weekend?


Suzzie said...

Haha that is a moment to be proud of. I sometimes wonder that whole I'm viewing foreign on Ben and jerrys

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