mr. twenty-five today


 as long as it's talking with you,
talk of the weather will do.
{sloan photographers}
happy birthday, love.
it's gonna be a good one.
your girl


Alice DeWitt said...

I told you he rocks the super-model stare. :)

Anna said...

so cute :)

Emily said...

You two are so cute!!

Sara said...

Such a great post! Happy birthday!*Enter my giveaway!!!!*

Adrian said...

The Weather was our "first dance" song at our wedding! I love Built to Spill!! Cute photos! :)

Dani Shapiro said...

so sweet. happy birthday, husband!

Aiketa said...

Happy Birthday to Marcus!
Beautiful birthday post Ashley, simple, short but so so beautiful!

Pamela Macdonald said...

Ashley, I just found your blog and have to tell you how much I love it already. You are the cutest thing and I'm loving your entries! :) look forward to reading more<3 (happy belated bday to your sweetie!)
-Pamela (

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