a shower, a shower, one baby shower


My big sister is pregnant with a little boy and since her last child was both a girl and born more than five years ago, we thought another little party was in store.
the shower was held at reachel's more than beautiful home which made decorating quite easy!
she designed the invitations with little clouds and raindrops so we continued with that 'shower' theme.
it was a lot of fun visiting with family and friends and especially fun eating all this pretty food.
can i just be a party planner, because it's just so much fun!?
sandwich skewers
the little helper

cookies that can kill {in the best way imaginable}


Because I didn't think you should have to wait for the whole baby shower post...
here is the most miraculous recipe of our times.
The original recipe can be found here
I will also have it on my recipe blog here, because i live in fear that recipes will get erased and i will crawl in a cave of devastation and withdrawals.
The only difference is that instead of trying to wrap the dough around the nutella dollop, you can just form two small flattened dough patties and sandwich the nutella, then pinch the sides.
I hope you try these. and that your life is forever improved.

date night on a wednesday--cuz it's my birthday.


Although technically we're pretending it's not my birthday because this week is far too busy of a week for me to take full advantage of 'do-whatever-i-want-because-it's-my-birthday week.' 
So with the platform that it is still technically my birthday i declared (and demanded compliance) that it not really be my birthday until next week, allowing me to really milk it.
Afterall, this week we've got thanksgiving, black friday, and my sister's baby shower all stealing my thunder--people always have sympathy for the christmas babies, but what about us thanksgiving babies? We've got it hard too.

**i do hope you all know that i'm being completely ridiculous on purpose.
but seriously--my birthday is still being postponed until further notice.
have a great week and let me know what you're most looking forward to/thankful for!
<<<what i wore>>>
arrow necklace//gift from marcus, stella & dot
leaning tower of ruffles//c.o. sugarlips (use the code SUGAR for 20% off your first order)
suede wedges//last chance

when the cat's away, the mice will dye their hair red.


marcus was out of town with this dad and brothers for a few days and i decided it was time to do something i had talked about doing since in was in high school.
luckily marcus is a good sport.
i told you i needed a change.
what's the craziest thing you've ever done to your hair?



i'm laying here bundled up in my bed, wishing Poppy could levitate herself out of her room and up the stairs, and then wishing even harder that she would actually want to snuggle with me rather than run around the bed like a wild fox. it's silly how cold i am, when i know most of you are probably looking at snow out your window, where i see fresh green grass, but nonetheless, i am freezing and i know the shower is calling to me, but i want to ignore it's calls for as long as i can, and keep my company with these warmed ruffly quilts instead, catching up on long overdue emails, homework assignments, and listening to one of my favorite songs right now. we dedicated it to Poppy.
stay warm friends!

may we try and remember...


I realize there are a lot of people celebrating and a lot of people who are disappointed right now, but elections are over and a winner was fairly selected so I think it might do us all well to try and live with this quote in our hearts.
 A friend of mine showed it to me back in october and it touched me. I thought it was incredibly beautiful and profound. I then read this last night from the First Presidency and Quorum of the 12 Apostles of my church and thought they were being a great example of this idea.
May we all appreciate this beautiful country that we live in that allows us to cast our vote and may we all be humble winner and gracious losers (for lack of nicer term).
outfit details:
'a' watch//urbanoutfitters

for lovely weekends that make not so lovely weeks seem worth it.


the week was long, marcus was working long long hours, getting home just in time to go to bed and waking up before the sun to get back to work. i know he should be the one complaining, but i was not taking it well. lots of times when marcus and i are together we just sit in the car listening to the radio, or snuggle up in the couch and laugh about something cute Poppy is doing, nothing too special or interesting to anyone but ourselves, but we're together and that's what matters to me, and when we're not together enough, it exhausts me and i know its ridiculous.
 and i know and hear about people who have boyfriends or husbands that have to travel a lot for work and live in another town or state, and i feel completely silly for complaining about one lame week, but i felt it, and i'm glad i felt it, because it reminds me of how much i love my marcus.
and it made this weekend, that was all to ourselves, extremely enjoyable and all together refreshing.
lunch date at UrbanPicnic in downtown mesa
groupon date night at macalpine's--oldest soda fountain on the west coast!
arizona state fair!
the animals that further convinced me that i want to be a cowgirl and have a farm.
the darling goat that ate a chuck of my hair off...
after family dinner and my parents nightly tradition of trading foot rubs. 

What do you like to do after long 'hard' week?

A Special Guest Post//Mesothelioma is Affecting More Young People


++My new friend Heather asked me about sharing her story here on the blog, and I knew I wanted to help her get this out to as many people as I could so that we can be aware that there are problems that need to be looked at and also courage that can be gained from tragic situations. I look at people like Heather and I am in awe of their positive outlook! I hope you were inspired like I was by this story--There really are modern day miracles! Feel free to share.

“You have cancer.”

These are the three words can really cut deep and affect you at your core. When I heard these words, it was a time when I thought life should have been at its best. I had just had a baby three and one-half months prior to the diagnosis. Instead of enjoying the moment, I was being told that I had cancer. Specifically, I had malignant pleural mesothelioma cancer. This cancer was caused primarily by asbestos exposure. 

When I tell people I have asbestos-related cancer, they immediately ask, “Wait a minute, isn’t that banned?” The second question they ask is, “Where were you exposed?”  The answer to the first question is an unfortunate, “No. Asbestos is not banned.” The answer to the second question is equally as unfortunate: "I was exposed by my father through his work clothes."

He worked in construction. While working in construction, my father was involved in sanding, mudding and drywall taping. The dust on his clothes, his jacket and in his car seemed innocent, but it was asbestos.
My diagnosis of mesothelioma at the age of 36 was rare. I had a disease that tends to affect older males who worked in trade industries. Men who typically work as plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians, mechanics and military personnel were most likely to be affected by this disease. Later, the wives of these men started getting sick with mesothelioma too. 

The wives were exposed through their husband’s laundry while they were shaking the clothes out before putting them in the laundry. The women were also exposed when they worked as secretaries in schools filled with asbestos. 

Now, the next generation of mesothelioma sufferers is being diagnosed. I felt like I was the beginning of an alarming trend. After I was diagnosed, more young people were also diagnosed with mesothelioma. So, how were so many young people exposed to asbestos? 

Children were exposed when they would hug their dads after they had been working with the material all day. They were exposed when they put on their dad’s jacket to go feed the rabbits because they didn’t want their jackets to get dirty. That was my exact situation, but there are many other very similar to it.

The more I got involved in the mesothelioma community, the more young people I met with mesothelioma who were in their late twenties and early thirties. These young men and women who were diagnosed had just started new marriages, had new babies and had started new jobs. Their lives ceased, as they knew it, ceased when they were diagnosed. 
The good news is that there have been advances made in the treatment of this disease. 
People of all ages are surviving. 

Hearing that you have cancer is life changing. I try to hang on to hope despite the despair I feel. Members of the mesothelioma community bond to share experiences and support each other. We may cry together or celebrate our victories together.
Why do I continue sharing my story? I share to bring awareness because without awareness change is not possible. I share my story to people who are newly diagnosed to help someone who may be living in fear. If I do this, I feel that I am doing the right thing.

it's movember everyone! you know what that means...


well, if you don't know what that means, watch this:
and read this,
and then encourage your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, co-worker...to grow one in an effort to raise awareness and money for research! they/you (as a MoSister) can join our team here or start your own.
Happy Movember to you.

only some people will get this...

if you know who i am by the first picture alone, you win at life.
“Ann has told me repeatedly not to get a perm. But Ann’s not here. While Ann’s away, the mice get perms.”
do you know yet?
if you still don't know, then do yourself a favorite, get a netflix subscription (or a free trial) and watch all the episodes of Parks and Recreation. I think I watched an entire season one night that i had to pull an all-nighter for work. there was much snorting and crying involved. it was the happiest moment of my life. 
or something.
Ron Swanson, manly-man extraordinare & Leslie Knope, councilwoman of the year. 

Hope you had a great one! 
Put links in the comments if you did a costume post, I'd love to see pictures!
Halloween's my favorite, you know.

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