i'm laying here bundled up in my bed, wishing Poppy could levitate herself out of her room and up the stairs, and then wishing even harder that she would actually want to snuggle with me rather than run around the bed like a wild fox. it's silly how cold i am, when i know most of you are probably looking at snow out your window, where i see fresh green grass, but nonetheless, i am freezing and i know the shower is calling to me, but i want to ignore it's calls for as long as i can, and keep my company with these warmed ruffly quilts instead, catching up on long overdue emails, homework assignments, and listening to one of my favorite songs right now. we dedicated it to Poppy.
stay warm friends!


Kirsten Wiemer said...

ah seriously love this song! soo good. and ah its so cold here i'm looking forward to the AZ warmth we get to go to next week. lets just say i had to take a cold shower today and it made me want to die essentially because we haven't turned on our heat even if it is 19 degrees outside, whoops. take advantage of the warmth for me. haha

Amanda said...

Everyone keeps calling me a wimp at work because I sit at my desk with a blanket. You're not the only cold person here in Phoenix!

Dani Shapiro said...

I love Miike Snow so much. I have seen them 4x + 1 DJ set they hosted! Love love love!

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