{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Alphabet Soup


A few weekends ago i got to go to the world's cutest baby shower. the world's! like basically, i don't ever want to have a baby shower, because it could never be as adorable or fun as this one--think garden party-meets alphabet soup-meets graphic designer dreamland-meets heaven. yes, heaven.
it must be really nice to have so many amazingly creative people who love you, angela! i'm so so glad i got to witness all their hard work. you deserve it pretty lady! can't wait to meet your little dolly!
I also was super lucky to sit at a super fun table with some of my favorite ladies. kristine looked too darn adorable not to snap a few pictures with! (and please notice Beth back there in the cutest striped, vintage dress ever! she's the thrifting queen!)
In other news, my computer crashed last week, hence the spotty blog posting. 
Crashed, as in, completely-won't-turn-on, quite-possibly-lost-all-the-photos-of-the-last-4-years-of-my-life, i-might-kill-myself, but-so-far-i've-just-been-in-complete-denial, if-i-don't-acknowledge-it, it-didn't-really-happen, right? kind of crashed. So, i'm really happy right now.
I'll post when I can. 
But, really, do have a wonderful day today! You won't have another like if for 4 years!
The Breakdown:
Chambray Top: Nordstrom Sale
Necklace: DIY seen here.
No. 2 Pencil Skirt: J.Crew
Heels: Ross Clearance

{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Tears for Fears


If your mind isn't blown by this music video, then I would like to know what kind of things blow your mind.
Like, what in the world is even going on?! I don't know, but what I do know is that those guys are hot, and the skilled keyboardist looks an awful lot like Uncle Joey...i'm just sayin'



a girl just really needs a little high-fructose corn syrup and some hydrogenated vegetable oil in her life.
Don't judge.
ShopLeMode winner announced here.

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: From Daytime to Date Night.


I decided to do a little 'how to turn a casual Saturday outfit into a sassy date night ensemble" and I was really excited how it turned out. I'm crazy about the whole pairing something really casual, like a plain t-shirt and a leather belt with something quite "fancy" (please tell me you've seen that Up All Night episode?), like a lace skirt and pearls to create a perfect medium of dressy/casual--appropriate for a fun pizza joint or a prestigious art museum.
Would you do it?
Have you all heard about this Amazing Lace e-roomates thing that's happening on the blogosphere? Well it's pretty exciting and you can read about it over here at Ask the Duplex. Think Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, only it's a lace dress that some lucky bloggers get to style however they please. That's what I'm wearing in this post...and now that I've totally fallen in love with it, I have to send it off to Kristen from 6th Street Design School. Have fun styling Kristen!
The dress wasn't my style nor was it my size, so I flipped it under and belted it to make it a skirt instead.

the breakdown:
hair.do: top-knot
pearl necklace: mom's
t-shirt: gap body
grandpa sweater: Marcus' thrifted
green scarf: forever21
'a' watch: urban outfitter
dress-turned-skirt: the amazing lace
jeans: flying monkey (old)
rainbow huaraches: target (old)
blue suede heels: seychelles (from high school)
leather belt: thrifted

{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Arizona Pride.


Dear Arizona, 
I love you, I love you, I love you!
Happiest Centennial to you this week. Has anyone ever told you, "You look great for your age?" Because, if not, let me be the first: YOU LOOK GREAT!
You're the best state in the union and I love you oh-so-much-more than Valentine's Day. Ever since I can remember, I've celebrated you first. You've always been my very favorite Valentine. Marcus doesn't even mind, because he loves you too. Can you feel the love? Good. Real good.
<3 Yours Truly, 
the breakdown:
navy boyfriend cardi: target
silk lucinda blouse: j.crew sale
no. 2 pencil skirt: j.crew sale
leopard carlton loafers: c/o wanted
necklaces: stella&dot and nordstroms
'a' watch: urban outfitters

For Valentine's Day, I forwent pink and red, and chose a more Arizona appropriate ensemble.
What was your February 14th like this year?

a valentine's giveaway! NOW CLOSED


 Remember when I told you about that fun weekend that I got to meet up with the owner of Le Mode Accessories and help shoot a lookbook for February?
Well, she contacted me about a giveaway for you lovely readers!
What you'll be entering to win is a piece of jewelry of YOUR CHOICE! 
And with so many lovely items to choose from, this is a pretty great deal.
Some personal faves: onetwo, and three.

Giveaway open to google public followers of i believe in unicorns.
1. Visit Le Mode Accessories and tell me what you'd pick!
Extra Entries: 
2. Share this post via twitter, facebook, google+, or blogger (be sure to provide a link),
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4. Add this blog to your blogroll/add my button to your blog.
*Please use a new comment for each entry!
Good Luck and Happy Valentine's Day!

The winner is Kaity! Email me for details :)
ashleyanielson {at} gmail

social butterfly.


Recently I went out to lunch with two lady friends, Kristine and Angela and among other things, we discussed what we called "the loop." It's what we do whenever we're bored or sitting idol. If you own a smart phone, you may recognize it--it goes something like this:
twitter, then instagram, then facebook. then pinterest, then blogger, then email, then twitter...

It's quite pathetic actually, but I did find some comfort in the fact that I was not alone in "the loop." I just got to wondering, what did people used to do with their "standing in line/sitting in the backseat/waiting in the doctor's office" time?
I recently heard about a study done that showed smart-phones to be more addictive than cigarettes (because you basically have constant access to it).
That hit me hard.
I don't want to be addicted to technology, but I would guess that I am. I feel like i'm in a catch 22 situation, because on one hand, i love staying social, knowing what's going on in peoples lives, being able to answer questions people are asking, providing validation, and documenting my life, but I don't want to miss out on real-life experiences because i'm tuned into my phone all the time...
Do you do "the loop"?
How do you find a balance?



that one time i almost emptied my entire savings account because i feel in love with this little muppet puppy.
i then found another little teddy-bear for 1/4 the price, but i let logic be my guide, and we are still puppy free.
this picture is making me rethink my decision though...
my sister and i may or may not have followed this old man home to talk to him about his amazing car!
turns out if you wear an orange tunic to the home depot, you will be confused for an employee by at least 6 senior citizens.
apparently i'm always on the search for rainbows.
more proof.
girlfriend has a serious shoe problem.
had fun with ashley from the shine project, meeting her amazing new group of shine kids at the high school!
the great thing about my mother in law is that her house is always full of fresh flowers!
date night at the temple with my siblings and their spouses. isn't it a beauty? i remember when i didn't like the mesa temple because it didn't look like a castle. now i think it's my favorite.
my mom ordered me to sit, and then she proceeded to braid my hair. i will never complain when someone wants to play with my hair. unless you're a creeper. then i will complain, but just a little.
sierra's beatles baby shower//date night with my boy
a new thrift store opened up the street and i've already spent $100 at it. this could be a problem.

Happy Day!

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Menswear


One of two things is happening:
Either A. all this talk of unicorns has educed a "sympathetic horn growth" in the appropriate unicorn region or B. the largest, most intrusive underground pimple has nested in the conveniently central local of my forehead.

Either way, today was just not the day to deal with such things, so a headscarf was my response.

What tricks do you use to hide the unflattering?

the breakdown:
scarf and feather earrings: forever21
lipstick: poppy king for jcrew
on the mark necklace: gift from marcus
chambray button up: gap via marcus' closet
watch face: walmart
watch strap: american eagle sale
skinnies: madewell sale
coral heals: h&m sale

Happy Birthday Week Lauren!


10 reasons i love lauren k. brimley:
1// she loves me through my shiny white ghost phases. why do i look like this?
2// she's best story teller i know. you guys, this girl has me rolling with shock and laughter during our weekly cinema night.
3// she's ubber thoughtful, like one of those people you feel like you could call at anytime and she would do whatever she could to help.
4// also amazingly creative, did you see that baby shower she threw for Sierra?!
5// "best hair in high school"-- the volume this woman achieved is something the rest of us can only dream of.  i don't know if we ever got to vote on this for the yearbook, but i voted in my mind, and she won--"She owned that ponytail; she worked that updo!"
6// she sang a duet with me in our high school musical, that was not High School Musical, but rather Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. We chose to forgo solos because we didn't want the whole school to hate us for our exceeding talent--not because we were scared or anything. Definitely not because we were scared...
7// she trusted me with her secret (please tell me you've checked her blog to read her secret?!)
8// she wrote me a letter one time when i was going through a transitional phase in my life. i didn't think she ever thought of me after high school, so i was pretty touched when i got the cutest letter in the mail from her.
(said 'transition' was not pirating, in case you were wondering...)
9// She changed my life by introducing books like Delirium and the Hunger Games to me!
10// i kind of have no idea how we became such good friends again after high school, but i'm so glad we did, because she's one of my very favorite!

{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Maternal Instincts


Remember how Sydney totally tried to trick us all when she was pregnant but hadn't announced it by wearing flowy clothes or holding things strategically over her belly area?
 Well this is not what I am trying to do. Even though this would be an ideal maternity outfit and I think any of my prego friends would be wise to borrow this maxi dress from me, I am in no way pregnant. 
 So there you have it: Sometimes I just dress like a pregnant woman because I love being comfortable. And yes this is a dress. You can see it here if you don't believe me.

Happy Wednesday!

the breakdown:
feather earrings: forever21
gingham top: jcrew outlet
maxi dress: jcrew sale
on the mark necklace: gift from marcus
leopard loafers: c/o wanted

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Extra Spring in My Step


Spring is the best. The superior to all other seasons. If you love Unicorns, then you already know that this is the truth. 
You can smell the budding flowers, and the cold fresh blades of grass between your toes. 
You love the feel of a slight breeze on your face as you ride bikes around your neighborhood with your favorite person. Your favorite person loves it when you wear your pretty skirts and dresses, and you love it too. The weather begs for a light sweater or cardigan. Your closet thanks you for using it's very favorite pieces on the daily. 
Your heart explodes as you round the corner and see the popcorn covered trees. 
Are those poppies you see next? Yes, your favorite flowers also know that Spring is the best of all. 
Say it, "Spring is the best. Primavera, I love you." 
As you say those words, you know of the truth behind them. You wish it were Spring all year 'round.
Just say it. No one will judge you.

the breakdown:
on the mark necklace: gift from marcus (stella & dot)
jackie cardigan: j.crew
navy skirt: anthropologie sale
canvas shoes: H&M

DIY: Photo Chain


Before Marcus and I were married, we were both living up in Rexburg in separate apartments.
My freedom to decorate was limited both by landlord rules and by a lack of funds, but i needed something to make it feel homey so I made this little photo banner with my favorite pictures of my best friends from home, my favorite AZ places, family, and Marcus and I. 
I really loved waking up every morning to this.
It was really easy and was done with things everyone has laying around the house:
scissors, photos, glue-stick, craft paper, string, push-pins (if hanging on wall or board)

All you need to do is cut about 1-inch strips of paper as thick or thin as you want them, fold them in half, glue the meeting paper edges together (forming a loop for the string to thread through):
next glue the little paper loops to each corner of your photo:
thread the string through and position each photo a distance apart that you like best.
finally pin the finished banners to the wall, strings it across the backs of chairs for a party, or drape from a pretty branchy center piece:
You can even use other things like envelopes, post cards, hearts for valentine's day or a combination of it all!
I'd love to see what you come up with so link back if you use this tutorial <3

Happy February!
© i believe in unicorns. Maira Gall.