{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Tears for Fears


If your mind isn't blown by this music video, then I would like to know what kind of things blow your mind.
Like, what in the world is even going on?! I don't know, but what I do know is that those guys are hot, and the skilled keyboardist looks an awful lot like Uncle Joey...i'm just sayin'


mrojas said...

this video has always cracked me up. I like the literal video version of it. And doesn't the singer look like the young hipster version of Jerry Seinfield?? I sure think so!

Allyssa Jackson said...

I love Tears for Fears, it takes me back to my childhood when my mamma would play it in the car and at home on our big old stereo.

sportymegan05 said...

love tears for fears and this song especially! ive been listening to it a lot lately, weirdly haha

Deveny said...

Awesome song choice! I'm a sucker for any 80's song, I'd pick that genre over any of today's music.

Aiketa said...

hahahaha you are right!!! He looks just like him!!! hahahaa 
I loved the show! 

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