{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Arizona Pride.


Dear Arizona, 
I love you, I love you, I love you!
Happiest Centennial to you this week. Has anyone ever told you, "You look great for your age?" Because, if not, let me be the first: YOU LOOK GREAT!
You're the best state in the union and I love you oh-so-much-more than Valentine's Day. Ever since I can remember, I've celebrated you first. You've always been my very favorite Valentine. Marcus doesn't even mind, because he loves you too. Can you feel the love? Good. Real good.
<3 Yours Truly, 
the breakdown:
navy boyfriend cardi: target
silk lucinda blouse: j.crew sale
no. 2 pencil skirt: j.crew sale
leopard carlton loafers: c/o wanted
necklaces: stella&dot and nordstroms
'a' watch: urban outfitters

For Valentine's Day, I forwent pink and red, and chose a more Arizona appropriate ensemble.
What was your February 14th like this year?


britt @ the magnolia pair said...

Love that yellow skirt! So cute! 


Rachel Luke said...

HAHA This is great! love it

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

oh my goodness your hair is so amazing.
and i love all the colors.

xo kaitlin

Courtney said...

This is exactly how I feel about Texas! It's good to love the place you call home.

XOXO Lindsey said...

I love your state pride! It's so refreshing to hear someone who actually loves where they live.    

Curtis and I did nothing for the 14th....except a diamond fell out of my engagement ring! Sad, sad day. 

XOXO, Lindsey

Rachel Martindale said...

Absolutely obsessed with this outfit! Couldn't be more perfect.. and Arizona couldn't be either. Arizona Pride forever!!

Shauna said...

I miss Arizona! It will always be my favorite, especially in the Kansas winters!

Courtney Johnson said...

YEAY Happy Birthday Arizona and I agree best state!!! Don't you love all the signs on the freeways? :)

Ashley Nielson said...

I squealed, out-loud, by myself, in my car when I saw them!

Vanisha Mishra-Vakaoti said...

Those colours work so well together, I wouldn't have thought to mix them up that way in an outfit. Beautiful! 

Sarah Ward said...

Love the navy and yellow combination! Great color-blocking. 

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