{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Menswear


One of two things is happening:
Either A. all this talk of unicorns has educed a "sympathetic horn growth" in the appropriate unicorn region or B. the largest, most intrusive underground pimple has nested in the conveniently central local of my forehead.

Either way, today was just not the day to deal with such things, so a headscarf was my response.

What tricks do you use to hide the unflattering?

the breakdown:
scarf and feather earrings: forever21
lipstick: poppy king for jcrew
on the mark necklace: gift from marcus
chambray button up: gap via marcus' closet
watch face: walmart
watch strap: american eagle sale
skinnies: madewell sale
coral heals: h&m sale


alexis said...

those shoes are just perfect!

Allyssa Jackson said...

Funny story, I just bought a men's denim shirt today from H&M. My pregnant belly is getting much too large and I refuse to buy maternity clothes so I've resorted to menswear.

Love the outfit! (pimples? I let them shine!)


Jenny said...

What a great quick fix!  Unfortunately my pimples tend to pop up on my chin, so there isn't really a way to hide it except makeup! Cute outfit!
Modern Modest Beauty

Jess said...

such a hippie. I love it! I usually dawn some type of beanie or hat to hide those unsightly visitors, but if it were warm in UT I'd probably do some type of scarf as well!

Marilyn said...

I love those shoes! Thank goodness my bangs are still growing out because they really help with my "flaws".

jenni austria germany said...

ah, those shoes.  i want. i need.

Brandi said...

MY HAIR helps....long bangs are great...you can either have them or not have them! Love those shoes!


Dani Shapiro said...

I am diggggging your bright shoesies. Also, you crack me up. I tend to never have a way to cover my facial intrusions. I've put a bandaid over one before. I looked like Nelly. Loving the head scarf, no matter the reason!

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