Are you just itching to do a good deed today?
Well here's your chance! 
1. Go here.
2. "Like" the photo.
3. Pat yourself on the back.

Okay, if you don't feel like being really nice today, and really you just need a good laugh, simply stay on this page and look at this:
hahahahah! I got this while Marcus was in class. 
You can tell he was being really studious, right?

A Night Out With Kate


Don't say I didn't worn you.

A Luncheon With Kate

Please excuse me while I have a love affair with Kate Spade today...

{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Kate Spade

Do you ever have one of those days when you're 16 hours away from your closet in a city that should have an ample supply of beautiful clothes for purchasing and you have an important event that you really want to look nice for, but you shop and you shop and your little heart finds nothing it yearns for?
Well last week I was having one of those days.
Luckily, I happen to have the kindest, 
most fashionable cousin in the whole-wide-world who just happens to reside right up the road in Mesatown.
I sent out a fashion emergency alert and Natalie came to my rescue! 
I had a skirt to wear already, but when she offered me Kate Spade, I was well aware that this may be my only chance in life to wear such a label and you best be believin' I jumped on the opportunity.

 Also, my hair...
Doesn't it look glam? 
I surely must throw a shout-out to my fantabulously talented sister Leisel who fixed the mess I had made of my hair while away in Idaho. Finally I don't have ghastly yellow locks.
I felt like a dream that day, 
thanks to the beautiful ladies I have in my life.
The Breakdown:
Silk Top: J.Crew $borrowed
Striped Skirt: Kate Spade $borrowed
Gold Necklace: J.Crew $borrowed
Gold Earrings: $borrowed
Bracelets: Forever21 $6
Seychelles Heels: DSW $60
Nail Polish: Essie 'Foot Loose' $4

{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Matt Costa


After spending a lovely week enjoying the Arizona Sunshine, I couldn't be happier to be home!
Turns out I really like this guy I'm married to.
It's pretty great.



Hey girls! 
I'm over here today talking details on the outfit. 
Do come and see me, won't you?

Oh, and while I have your attention, won't you please create a DISQUS account? 
It's free and then you won't have to sign in every time you comment plus it works on Kristine's blog, Kendi's, Elaine's and many others! 
You can be notified when someone replies to your comment, you can have a profile picture, and it can link back to you blog, so if I need to contact you--I CAN!
 It's great, so stop fighting it and give in :)
That's all.

AZ Blogger Meet Up.


Saturday was the culmination of my trip to Arizona. 
I was so lucky that Busy Bee announced the Meet Up on her blog and that it was so clandestinely scheduled as to let Kristine come before she headed over to Japan. 
I really wanted to meet her before she left so this meet up was the final straw in my decision to come to Arizona.

Reachel, Angela, Kristine and I met over at Lauren's cute house and then headed down to La Bocca in Tempe. 
We had a great time eating pizza, taking pictures, and sharing secrets about the future.
(This picture would have been so great had Mr. Wind not shown up, making me look like Farrah Fawcett and Lauren like... this lady.)
I'll be honest, when I pulled up to Lauren's I felt like I might pee my pants. 
What if I met Angela and Kristine and it was totally awkward. 
Afterall things like that can happen when you go from virtual to reality, you know!

But turns out they're all really great girls who were really easy to talk to!
Yay for blogger friends becoming actual friends!
Now if I could just afford tickets for a Japan visit...

What Exciting Things 
Did You Do This Weekend? 

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Week Arizona


I’m running around like a crazy woman today trying to fit in any last minutes Arizona things before I head back to Idaho and trying to get ready for the Arizona Blogger Meet Up tonight.
This horse was seriously eating my skirt.
So I haven’t done outfit pictures for Fashion Saturday. 
Here’s a little look back of my study abroad in Ireland instead:
This scene was in the backyard of my Athlone apartment!
Can you tell greens my favorite color?
The Breakdown:
Green Cardi: Antique Store $12ish?
Black Undershirt: Express $10
Ruffle Skirt: Anthropologie $borrowed
Leopard Rainboots: Ross $9
Diamond Earrings: $gift from mom



Remember my friend Beth?
She's the one who painted my wedding announcements, illustrated the beautiful adoption book, and painted this fantastic NieNie family portrait:
She also has been spreading joy around the Blogisphere with her personlized drawings seen here, here, and here.
And now she wants you to have a drawing of your own.
(It can be a family, couple or individual--your choice!)
Here's how to win it:
1. Visit her art tab and tell me what your favorite piece is.
Extras (new comment for each):
2. follow/subscribe to her blog
2. Add one of my buttons to your blog
3. Tweet, FB or Blog about the giveaway

The lucky winner is Megan Robinson!
yay, I'll be emailing you with details :)

Hello, hello!


I'm excited to now be accepting sponsors for the month of April, so...
If you are a photographer, clothing boutique owner, designer, jeweler, or just have something magical to share in the blogosphere, and would like to advertise on 'i believe in unicorns', then contact me for rates at ashleyanielson@gmail{dot}com.

A Winner.

The lucky winner of this giveaway is Austrie.
email me for details!

I had big outfit searching plans for my Wednesday, but instead I spent it eating a glorious french toast breakfast with my sisters at Crackers & Co., getting my hair done, trying the best sushi of my life (Sushi Ave.), and hanging out with old friends. 
4 inches gone.
California Crunch.
Can you spot the Cardinal pride?
Eh, Thursdays always make better outfit hunting days, anyway.

Lone Ranger.


16 hours on the road and I've made it back to Mesa safe and sound. 
I really enjoy long trips by myself. 
I get to blast whatever music I want (mostly Musicals that I can act out while on the road) and I get to enjoy all the beauty of nature without having to convince someone else to appreciate it as much as I do.
 The clouds were stealing the show for the majority of the trip--until I reached Page, AZ and I saw the trees in blossom! My heart literally leapt, I was so excited! 
Other than the 30 minutes I spent off track looking for a gas station and the hour traffic jam I stumbled upon in Phoenix, the trip went swimmingly!

I'm RSVPing for this right now! I can't wait to hang out with Kristine, Lauren, Angela, and everyone else who comes!

{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Oren Lavie


Some people are just so creative (and patient!)
Please tell me you have seen The Fantastic Mr. Fox?

So beautiful.

Windy Day.


I've been wanting to take pictures by these amazingly beautiful, spiral hay-bails ever since I first lied eyes on them many moons ago. 
But I never have a camera with me when I'm in Idaho Falls and they're on a road that we normally don't drive down. 
Today Marcus just happened to miss our exit and hello!--We were on the hay-bail road. 
My dSLR wasn't functioning, so the surprisingly impressive iPhone camera would have to suffice for today.
Hopefully I'll get to go back before the horses get too hungry...
Marcus bought me these for Christmas :)

Magic, Rainbows, & Luck! Oh, My!


I tried to dress up like a leprechaun. Marcus said I just looked like "a cute girl." He loves when I dress preppy.
Thursday was HANDS DOWN the best 
St. Patrick's Day I've ever had. 

We started off the day by meeting our good friends Jenny, Jack and Luke for breakfast at The Flap Jack Shack. 
Luckily none of us forgot our green!
Me, Marcus, Jack, Jenny, Luke
Have I ever told you that breakfast is my favorite? I have yet to meet a breakfast food I didn't love.
We ordered French toast, a Mexican Omelet, a huckleberry pancake, and hashbrowns.

While the boys were talking outside, Jenny and I waited in the warm car. 
We were chattering away when all of the sudden I tiny leprechaun darted past us and threw something in our car! 
Luckily I had my iphone on me, so I could share with you the magic that is St. Patrick's Day:
Can you believe it?!
I've almost never been happier.

After getting some things done at home, Jenny and I went grocery shopping, in preparation for our St. Patrick's Day Dinner. 
It had to be green, though preferably naturally so!
Jenny found this creamy, spinach soup recipe from the pioneer woman, and I'll admit, I was doubtful, but I loved the color so, that I decided to give it a try. 
My oh my, I'm glad we did! 
Everyone loved it, we added shrimp which was a very good choice indeed!
Then Jenny borrowed my bundt cake pan (that happened to be gifted me from none other than my Irish Story Telling teacher! Perfect, much?) and baked us a pistachio fudge cake (also from the pioneer woman). 
After dinner we talked of our dream destinations and how we hoped to end up next to each other.
Oh, wouldn't that be grand?

To finish off the night, we headed over to the BYUi bowling alley for a VERY QUICK game.
Jenny and I were on one! I guess we just had the luck of the Irish with us because we whooped the boys!

While I've alway liked St. Patrick's Day, I've never really made it a particularly special day. But now that I know how great it can be, I don't think I'll ever go back to not acknowledging it as a FANTASTIC holiday!

What Did You Do? 
Any Traditions I Should Incorporate Next Year? 

$5 USD.


Some of you have expressed interest, so I thought I'd share, Old Money's Album is now available for online purchase: HERE.
p.s. I'm singing with them in the beginning of Freedom Cage! haha

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Week 'Bodies'

Are you going to be totally grossed out if I tell you where I am today?
If you are, just skip the clicking of this link
I've actually already been to this once, when it was in Phoenix. We went for family night. 
It was insane! 
It's strange that I enjoyed it so much because I'm pretty queasy, but wow--this stuff is incredible (although I did cry when I saw the babies--too much for me). 

The whole thing is such a testament to the miracle of the human body! 
We are awesome!

Anyway, if you get the chance, I think you should go.
Those who skipped the first part, can begin reading here:

Have I ever told you how much I love these shoes
This much! (my arms are making a really large, encompassing amount right now)
They're ultra comfy (form to your foot) and  are much cuter than wearing tennies around. 
I urge you to invest in a pair if you haven't already.
Happy Saturday!
The Breakdown:
Green top: Charlotte Russe $12
Grey Cords: Anne Taylor Loft Clearance Rack $19
Sperrys: Buffalo Exchange $22
Braided Belt: Forever21
Green Bangly Necklace: Forever21 $6
Brown and Gold Watch: Urban Outfitters $30
Non-Curling Iron Curl: instagr.am (I look like a dweeb.)

I think I might go to Arizona tomorrow...hmmm sounds divine, doesn't it?

For Japan With Love.


Tomorrow, March 18th, I will be participating in a Bloggers Day of Silence to reflect on this tragedy. 
Please visit For Japan With Love to learn about this cause and donate to the relief efforts. 
We can all make a difference, even if it's only with our faith and prayers.


I'm talkin' marriage over here.
Now if you would excuse me, I'm going to eat breakfast with Jack and Jenny. And don't even think about pinching me, I've got my green on.

{Wardrobe} Wednesday: J.Crew


Let's all just gawk for a moment....
Current J.Crew Wishlist:

Okay, you can get on with your life now.
© i believe in unicorns. Maira Gall.