Are you just itching to do a good deed today?
Well here's your chance! 
1. Go here.
2. "Like" the photo.
3. Pat yourself on the back.

Okay, if you don't feel like being really nice today, and really you just need a good laugh, simply stay on this page and look at this:
hahahahah! I got this while Marcus was in class. 
You can tell he was being really studious, right?


jenni austria germany said...

dont worry, i liked it.
and commented.
and if i could like the marcus photo, i would.
but i can't.
so i'm commenting here:
it is funny.

nataliewardel said...

I liked it! I love winning things, so I get you.

That photo is mind boggling.

Lara Jean said...

I'm so confused as to what is happening in that picture. It cracks me up!

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