{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Week 'Bodies'


Are you going to be totally grossed out if I tell you where I am today?
If you are, just skip the clicking of this link
I've actually already been to this once, when it was in Phoenix. We went for family night. 
It was insane! 
It's strange that I enjoyed it so much because I'm pretty queasy, but wow--this stuff is incredible (although I did cry when I saw the babies--too much for me). 

The whole thing is such a testament to the miracle of the human body! 
We are awesome!

Anyway, if you get the chance, I think you should go.
Those who skipped the first part, can begin reading here:

Have I ever told you how much I love these shoes
This much! (my arms are making a really large, encompassing amount right now)
They're ultra comfy (form to your foot) and  are much cuter than wearing tennies around. 
I urge you to invest in a pair if you haven't already.
Happy Saturday!
The Breakdown:
Green top: Charlotte Russe $12
Grey Cords: Anne Taylor Loft Clearance Rack $19
Sperrys: Buffalo Exchange $22
Braided Belt: Forever21
Green Bangly Necklace: Forever21 $6
Brown and Gold Watch: Urban Outfitters $30
Non-Curling Iron Curl: instagr.am (I look like a dweeb.)

I think I might go to Arizona tomorrow...hmmm sounds divine, doesn't it?


oonamanisa said...

i totally saw that in new york! and i looved it. probably cause i'm a huge biology geek though (=

Yourladyashlee said...

i went to the bodies exhibit when i was visiting my pops. it was really amazing. if you tell yourself its all fake then you tend not to get weirded out. but it truly astounds me what our bodies can do!

Erica said...

I went to the Bodies Exhibit in Boston and totally loved it, and this is coming from a person who can't stand the sight of blood. I thought I would be grossed out, but instead I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I definitely recommend it.

North Meets South

Andrew and Noelle said...

Oh I love body worlds!!! I went both times it came to Phoenix. It is a good thing things like that make me queasy... I am in nursing school...

Alexis Kaye said...

haha, everytime I read your blog I feel lucky to be living in Arizona! By the way, I'm totally going to body worlds with my fionce for my birthday next week! I'm TOTALLY stoked!!! And of course, your outfit it super cute like always! AND, how come with your new comment set up it doesn't link back to my blog? That Silhouette looks nothing like me. It doesn't even look like a human.


Lydia said...

I've been to the Bodies Exhibition in Las Vegas and in El Paso and I loved it! The baby room made me sad too though.

Shopping and Spreadsheets

Sarah said...

I love Sperry's! I first got a pair because my granddad had a boat, so I never thought of them as "fashionable", but I'm so glad to see them styled in so many ways because they're ridiculously comfy! Enjoy the bodies exhibit, I heard it's fabulous!!

TheCheapGirlHayley said...

Bodies exhibit is amazing! I was in awe the whole time. Made me realize how much I take for granted with my health. and I also Love sperrys, I drool over the gold ones every time i see them.

Katelyn said...

I loved the Bodies exhibit! It is so fascinating how our bodies work.
I am interested to see how you pinned up your hair like that - a tutorial maybe? :) Green looks good on you!


Michelle McClure said...

It is divine! We went to the park yesterday and ran in the sprinklers! I'm lovin' the green on you!

Bekah said...

Wow- I need to check that exhibit out. Sounds intriguing!
Also, I've been thinking about Sperry's for a long time, you have a good pitch :)

matters of merrymaking

Kberry2 said...

I have to get some of those shoes... they are so dang cute!

Rachel said...

Yeah, those shoes are awesome. I am definitely liking them as an alternative to trainers. Really cute... nice outfit overall.

Sharon @ A Prairie Sunrise said...

80 degrees?! No thank you! I'm not ready for that much heat yet. :)

Cheri said...

You got your Sperrys for $22? What in the world? I love them. I need some. I've been looking, but haven't found any that inexpensive.

Ashley Nielson said...

Alexis you should create a Disqus profile because a lot of bloggers are switching (clothedmuch, kendi everyday, kristine or polly) and every time you comment on theirs or mine it will prevent you from having to sign in every time, plus you can have a profile picture and every time the writer replies to your comment you can see it :)

Olivia Ramirez said...

I saw "Bodies" in Vegas this last year. It was... breath-taking. and I highly recommend anyone who has a chance to go see it.

Kailee said...

i love my shoes like those too! they are SO comfy and go with anything. i wear them like everyday ha. yours are cute :)

Savanna said...

Sounds super cool and would love to see it! Hope to see you in AZ! :) but guess what? Claim Jumper no longer sells their giant pretzels, just pretzel rods!

Katherine Beckstead said...

i totally saw that exhibit when it was in seattle! wasn't it so interesting? you are so cute as usual! love the shoes.


Alexa Mae said...

Yes, yes, yes!! Sperry's are my all time fave. I have been wanting some for a long time and I finally got a pair a couple months ago. Best shoes ever. Next to my toms of course. And yes, come to AZ! Let's meet up.
I may go to the bloggers meet up. Are you going?

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