Magic, Rainbows, & Luck! Oh, My!


I tried to dress up like a leprechaun. Marcus said I just looked like "a cute girl." He loves when I dress preppy.
Thursday was HANDS DOWN the best 
St. Patrick's Day I've ever had. 

We started off the day by meeting our good friends Jenny, Jack and Luke for breakfast at The Flap Jack Shack. 
Luckily none of us forgot our green!
Me, Marcus, Jack, Jenny, Luke
Have I ever told you that breakfast is my favorite? I have yet to meet a breakfast food I didn't love.
We ordered French toast, a Mexican Omelet, a huckleberry pancake, and hashbrowns.

While the boys were talking outside, Jenny and I waited in the warm car. 
We were chattering away when all of the sudden I tiny leprechaun darted past us and threw something in our car! 
Luckily I had my iphone on me, so I could share with you the magic that is St. Patrick's Day:
Can you believe it?!
I've almost never been happier.

After getting some things done at home, Jenny and I went grocery shopping, in preparation for our St. Patrick's Day Dinner. 
It had to be green, though preferably naturally so!
Jenny found this creamy, spinach soup recipe from the pioneer woman, and I'll admit, I was doubtful, but I loved the color so, that I decided to give it a try. 
My oh my, I'm glad we did! 
Everyone loved it, we added shrimp which was a very good choice indeed!
Then Jenny borrowed my bundt cake pan (that happened to be gifted me from none other than my Irish Story Telling teacher! Perfect, much?) and baked us a pistachio fudge cake (also from the pioneer woman). 
After dinner we talked of our dream destinations and how we hoped to end up next to each other.
Oh, wouldn't that be grand?

To finish off the night, we headed over to the BYUi bowling alley for a VERY QUICK game.
Jenny and I were on one! I guess we just had the luck of the Irish with us because we whooped the boys!

While I've alway liked St. Patrick's Day, I've never really made it a particularly special day. But now that I know how great it can be, I don't think I'll ever go back to not acknowledging it as a FANTASTIC holiday!

What Did You Do? 
Any Traditions I Should Incorporate Next Year? 


Stephanieandsuch said...

I want to try that soup RIGHT now! Thanks for sharing, can't wait :)
And that rainbow was just your lucky day :)


Erica said...

That's sounds like a pretty darn awesome St. Patrick's Day. You should make a scavenger hunt for the end of the rainbow and hide pot of those golden chocolate coins. Wow, I just thought of that, and I'm totally doing it when I have kids.

North Meets South

Sera said...

the spinach soup looks so yummy! sounds like a fun day!

oonamanisa said...

i looove spinach soup! try putting hard boiled eggs in it next time. deelicious.

lauren said...

my mama just sent me the pioneer woman cookbook,i love it very much! and my total cowboy of a husband couldn't be happier, either. i'll have to try the soup sometime!

angela hardison said...

i wasn't festive at all. maybe next year :)

Natalie said...

wow, I wasn't festive at all. At all. I work pink and grey and was just kind of meh about it for some reason. I love your festiveness!

Rachel said...

I love that outfit a lot! Preppy is always nice (for me) every once in a while. I was completely unfestive on St Patrick's day, but oh, well... maybe next year?

Goodframeofmind said...

Love all the green - such a fun holiday and is always a great kickoff to spring :)

Kitsune-Kun said...

I'm really glad you're posting this on Sunday because I totally just posted my St Patrick's day tonight too. looks like fun! I had school until like 9pm, so we couldn't plan anything big, but we had corned beef and cabbage with friends which was fun.

Katie said...

All of the food looks delicious! And so festive. What a way to celebrate St. Patty's Day!

Lynn said...

awe, i can totally see why that was the best one you'd had yet! looks like such fun times and adore the green grid of clothing assortments. rad!!! the rainbow is epic, i mean i had to look at it for a sec to really get what was happening. made me giggle and congrats for whooping the boys too. way to keep em' on their toes!

Jennifer L Thomas said...

Ash it was the best St. Patrick's day indeed! I think it should become a tradition. Every year we should have the best St. Patrick's day.

Laura said...

I made little cakes shaped like shamrocks for my hubby, and our kid.

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