Judging solely on the title of this post, you're probably expecting a story about something scandalous...
Turns out that's just how you spell six in Icelandic. 
Phew! That was going to get awkward, fast.
really strange lighting...
This weekend I found our little point-and-shoot camera that we hardly ever use and these are the memories it held:
 Long time ago, our friend Blake (who served a 2-year mission in Japan) invited us to a Make Your Own Sushi party. It was DIVINE! Once I saw these pictures I begged Marcus to take me to eat sushi. He did and I love him for it! But honestly, it wasn't as good as the sushi we made ourselves at the afore mentioned party. 
Hey Blake, feel free to invite us over again sometime...:)
He is also the talented photographer who took our Great Gatsby photos:
 This pictures is from a few weeks ago when we went to Lava Hot Springs, also known as pure bliss.
Jenny, can we go back soon, PLEASE??
What's Your Favorite Sushi Place and 
What Kind Do You Like?
My favorite is the boring old California Roll, but this weekend I ate raw salmon and fish eggs just to appease Marcus--the things I do for him...

tuttugu fimm.


I'm at Jack and Jenny's house tonight for sweet potato fajitas. Weird, right? Wrong. Delicious. That's the right answer to the question. YUM-MMMMY! is also an expectable alternative. Oh baby, I can't wait, and I definitely can't wait for her world famous yogurt cake, so guess what?
We aren't going to wait. 
She just announced that we're going to eat it first! Haha, my mouth is watering. gotta go.

love u.bye.

p.s. the number are in icelandic this week in case you were curious!

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Week Mustard


The Breakdown:
Yellow Cardi: H&M $14
Floral Tunic: Target clearance rack $12
Belt: vintage $2
Slip-Extender: vintage $2
Sweater Tights: Forever21 $5
Slouch Boots: Charlotte Russe Sale $9

{Top Five} Friday


{Top Five} Things To Look Forward To In The Next Few Months:
1. Old Money's CD Release Show at Sammy's in March
2. Marcus' Graduation in April
Can you tell he's ready?
3. Springtime in Arizona
my pasty skin misses the sun!
4. My Graduation in May
sort of like this one, only this time from college.
5. Hopefully an Iphone...
I would love to hear about what exciting things are coming up in your life in the next few months! Do Tell!

tjugo tre.


I sort of hated todays outfit, but eh...I'm sort of over this 30 for 30. 
Seriously--give me my clothes back!

I'm too busy this week. Sorry posts have been lame.

It's my last semester, I'm currently working on another project, my sister and nephew have been staying with us, I'm trying to schedule a quick trip to AZ for spring break, we're trying to make plans for after graduation moving extravaganza, and lately real life has been a lot more pressing than virtual life. 
Sue me. 
But if you're really bored and semi-new to the blog, go ahead and check out some of the archives, there are some pretty good stories if I do say so myself... :) 

tjugo två.


My big sissy, Heidi's staying with us right now. She's basically all that, and you guessed it--a bag of chips:
Beautiful, compassionate, easy to get along with, etc.
Today we took my nephew, Dallas, (her son) to this archery/hunting shop in Idaho Falls and somehow the combinations of target practice wolves, beauty and the beast references, and far too many taxidermied wall mounts had us crying with laughter. 
I'm still not quite sure how it happened, but two little blondes surrounded by vast amounts of camo and antlers were red-faced and tearful--maybe you had to be there...anyway, I loved it and I love my sister.

Now we're off to Chiz's for some deep fried goodness...Mmm :)

t-shirt necklace tutorial: http://writingrainbows.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-t-shirt-necklace.html

tjugo ett.

Do you want to know why it's the 23rd and I'm only on outfit 21?
Two reasons:
1. I haven't taken outfit pictures for today
2. I cheated. 
That's right. Ima cheater. 
Go head, chant it:
Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater! 
I don't even care, because guess what? I like pumpkin and I've been wanted to try out this new pumpkin pie recipe, so there!

But I will be honest, I felt a little guilty about totally cheating, so I left my 'untouchables' untouched and headed for Marcus' closet. 
Therefore, I didn't really cheat, right?
See him in the shirt here.

{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: The Postal Service


I feel like there was a period of my life that I could relate to this song perfectly.
I also think it's one of the most genius songs ever written. 
I love when songs contain interesting stories. 
I'm a lyrics girl for sure.
Do You Have a Song that Really Hits Home?



I got the February J.Crew Catalog this week and wept. 
It was so beautiful. The clothes, the models, the photography. All breath-taking. 

Anyways, the predominant hairstyle was a tussled French Twist. 
This is my first attempt, without any sort of instruction and it turned out pretty cute, but I think I can do better once I receive some instruction...

p.s. It snowed like crazy. Just when I thought Spring had sprung...I would have been mad, if the scene from my bedroom window wasn't so gosh-darn-gorgeous!

Happy Sabbath!
I promise I'll respond to comments after the boys have cleared out of my basement! :)



 I forgot that this shirt was in my 30 for 30 options.
So I wore it yesterday and today....



Yesterday, after spending all day in Idaho Falls with Jenny we got some pleading texts from our rockstar, recording husbands. 

They missed their wives. 
So cute, right?

So we came back to my house and surprised them with homemade pazookies.
They were happy to have us back, and they were very happy we came bearing gifts :)

Just looking at these pictures is making my mouth water, and I can't wait to make them again tonight!

**Recipe: I just follow the recipe on the back of the tollhouse chocolate chip bag, but I add about a third of a package for instant vanilla pudding (small), then I put the cookie dough (after it's been in the fridge or freezer for a day+) in a muffin pan, a little less than half way full. 
Bake at 360 for about 10-12 minutes until the edges are golden, but the inside still looks a little gooey. 
Let them cool for a bit, so when  you flip them they don't fall apart. 
Place a cookie sheet over the muffin pan and flip them. 
Once they are out of the muffin pan, I flip them back over and there should be a little dip in the middle of the cookie perfect for a ball of ice-cream. 
Drizzle with chocolate and serve immediately.
People will love you forever.

Freedom Cage.

Alright, another weekend full of excitement is upon us, so before I get engulfed in it all and forget about the blog, I figured I should update you on what the going-on-around-here’s of last weekend were.
If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you already know that Marcus is in a band called
This band is comprised of 5 members:
Jack, lead vocals/song writer/guitar, and main-squeeze of my favorite Brazilian, Jenny,

Luke, drummer, twin brother of Jack, single, handsome, and Texan,
Drew, banjo/guitar, recently engaged,
Jeff, guitar/glockenspiel, single and adorable,
and Marcus, bass, charming but taken by some girl named Ashley.
Their good friend, and fellow Texan, Charles, heard them play at Sammy’s and volunteered his musical services (recording equipment and expertise)--so the entirety of last weekend was spent in our basement/ turned recording-studio, recording a CD for their CD release show coming up on the 11th March (The Archer’s Apple will be opening from them, so basically it will be the best concert of my life).
Anyways the weekend was a BLAST! 
Not only because I got to spend it all with my best Idaho friend, Jenny, crafting our lives away on the cutest darn pillows you’ll ever see, but because there is a magical energy that comes from Old Money’s music and from the excitement each of the boys feels for their stuff. 
Seriously, I've listened to the rough cuts from the recording at least 116 times this week and am stoked for them to get more done this weekend so that my musical selections can expand for this coming week!
So, if you don’t hear much from me in the next few days, it’s because I’m either at the sewing machine making a backdrop for their next concert with Jenny or I’m in the basement taking in the sweetness that is Old Money.

You’ll be hearing more from me on the subject as the concert date approaches, I’m sure.

Have a great weekend!

{Top Five} Friday

{Top Five} Foods You Should Never Share
1. Milk & Cereal
2. A Bean Burrito
3. A Creamcicle
4. A Chicken Leg
5. Soft-Serve Ice-Cream on a Cone
Marcus and I were discussing this topic of foods you should never share last night and we both agreed that cereal should make the top of the list, but you know what happened this morning? 
I was sitting at the counter eating my Peanut Butter Captain Crunch when suddenly my spoon is removed from my hand and Marcus is taking a bite. out. of. my. bowl! What the?
"Did we not JUST talk about this?" I reminded him. 
"Oh. Yeah. Well, I couldn't decide if I wanted some..."

Turns out it wasn't as gross as I thought it would be...but still.

What Do You Think Should Make the List?



You know when people tell you that you look like someone and you can't really see it?
That's how I've always sort of felt like with the whole Luna Lovegood reference...like I could see resemblances, but people always acted like we looked exactly the same. 
Well, that second picture...I can finally see it! Hahah creepy.
Now on to some photos you might actually be interested in seeing:
HOLY COW! Marcus is so dang attractive. Always. But especially when he wears that grey v-neck I bought him from Banana Republic (on sale for $3). 
That's all.
© i believe in unicorns. Maira Gall.