Halloween Dinner--it's a thing.


This weekend reminded me why Halloween is my favorite.
As I mentioned in this post, the show Parenthood has inspired us siblings to do more 'hanging out' and to create more family traditions. We decided it would be fun to each pick a holiday and get together to celebrate! 
Leisel chose Halloween, even though she's 7 1/2 months pregnant, and probably could have opted out{!}, but instead she threw the most beautiful halloween dinner on her back porch. 
 Each of the siblings brought something, and we dined on two different types of chili, delicious root beer and apple cider, corn bread (have you tried my recipe yet!?), and pumpkin bars. 
We topped off the evening by noshing on kettlecorn and watching Tim Burton's Beetlejuice--which reminded us of why it was in the discount bin at Walmart...entertaining none the less--i say day, i say day, i say day-ay-ay-o...
What do you all do for halloween? Any Fall traditions?


Ms. Apple said...

Is this the same sister that got married earlier this year? she had the most beautiful wedding dress!! That was fast! :) BTW. I never ever comment, but I love LOVE your blog. It´s the best!

kikicbrownee said...

That's such a fun thing to do with your siblings! :) For Halloween we had a ward dance party on Saturday and then my roommates and I went to this crazy dance party with mosh pits and crowd surfing galore (gotta love college haha) and I'm throwing a party this Wednesday because throwing parties is like one of my favorite things to do :)

Maria Larsen said...

Aw, this is so sweet. My family always gets together and carves pumpkins! It's so much fun, and it's always great to see my family!

malia said...

oh, this makes me long for more family. ,

cardiganempire said...

It was a lovely evening. Compliments to Mrs. Leisel for hosting it. I can't wait for Thanksgiving :)

Kaeli Wood said...

You and your husband are so cute together! I love family get togethers. Now following!

The Broadcloth

Nathalieso said...

lovely decoration! you gave me ideas for my own gathering. Thanks.

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