a princess animal party--they happen.


mama deer and baby deerest.
My sweet niece was having a birthday and when she was asked what kind it should be, "animal princess" was her reply.
There is only one woman I know who could take a little girls request and turn it into a true magical fairyland--my sister-in-law Reachel. She's basically Wonderwoman, and i'm so glad i get to attend her parties.
the spread
{i'm hoping she'll do a post on her blog with more detailed pictures...}
all the woodland creatures playing hot potato
 the sparkler candle was pretty exciting, 
 until she realized her lung capacity was no match for its powerful sparks.
two little deers, one is turning three.
i think it was at this moment that Coco finally realized that everyone was dressed like an animal princess, and it was awesome. 


Natasha Borina said...

You look adorable!!!! =)))

Irene Navajas said...

cute crown!

kaity said...

okay, animal princess is a super fun idea for a birthday! makes me wish I had thought of that when I was little.

Emily said...

This is just too cute...


Kirsten Wiemer said...

love this. seriously so cute. and the puppy, always love the puppy.


Anna Jones said...

It looks so adorable! From the moment I saw Reachel pinning ideas on Pinterest, I was waiting in anticipation for what I knew would be the most adorable and unique party! I also realized the other day that Claire Nielson and Coco share the same birthday, which means that both you and Marcus have a niece with birthday on that day. Very neat!

Jenna Foote said...

THAT. Is amazing.

kitsunekun said...

aw! this is too cute!

jlovesstyle said...

Your costume is AH-mazing!!!! That make-up is spot on for a deer!! Love it!

Alexis said...

Such a cute and creative idea! Looks like it was a lot of fun!


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