{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Balboa Island


Oh My Goodness!
Last night we had a little dinner/game date with my brother, Jarom and sister-in-law, Kara. 
She made us this delicious Cafe Rio inspired dinner mexi dinner and this to-die-for apple turnover with fresh organic whipped cream. 
She has a cooking blog with all her healthy recipes that you simply MUST check out! 
AND if you live in the Arizona area, she teaches really great classes.

Here's the thing:
 Her healthy stuff is actually amazing! 
And I wouldn't lie to you, I'm a pretty picky eater and sometimes I see her food and I think, oh man, there's a lot of fill in the blank in that, I hope I like it. 
And EVERYTIME I am super impressed. 
I don't just like it, but I end up thinking about it for years to come (especially her mouthwatering desserts!) 
So if you're interested in cooking definitely head over to her blog!

And, just so you know, WHOONU is probably one of my favorite games of all time.
Now, onto the fashion.
The Breakdown:
Army Jacket: Forever21 $19
Straw Hat: H&M $6
Gold Necklace: EmersonMade Gift from NieNie
Gingham Top: Banana Republic Sale $19
Skinnies: GAP $20ish
Sperries: Online Sale $40
Nail Polish: Essie A-List

Are You Watching?


Thank heavens for DVR!
After a long day in the car, driving to and from GALLUP, NEW MEXICO and then rushing home to write a paper and take a quiz before midnight, I was way too tired to stay up for the big event. 
But this morining when I watched it, I'm not ashamed to say that a tear may have streamed down my face as I watched Kate walk down the isle. Did she not look striking in her Grace Kellyish gown?? Goodness, I was drooling. But seriously, did you almost pass out when the ring wouldn't go on?

Hightlights for Me:
"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."
"It is possible to transform so long as we do not harbour ambitions to reform our partner..."
I thought the Reverent's whole speech was just beautiful.

And although the last think in the world I would want to do would be to marry into the royal family (so much pressure!) I am very happy for Kate and William and I wish them the very best in their marriage. 

What Were You Thoughts?

**Thanks to everyone who played along in the guessing game yesterday. It was fun to hear your guesses. I will be picking a winner this weekend, so if you were one who guessed Gallup, be sure and check back!

{Top Five} Friday

{Top Five} Places I Am Happiest:
1. Kauai, Hawaii (with that guy)
2. Cuernavaca, Mexico

4. Westwood Track at Night

5. Crystal Cove State Park & Southern California in General

Let's Play A Guessing Game.


Today, I should be unpacking, studying for finals, and writing papers, but instead I am in the car next to my honey.
We're taking a little road trip.
The place we're going is named in this song:

 I'll also be posting clues via Instagram on Twitter (@ashleyanielson). 
Anyone who can guess where Marcus and I are headed will be put in a hat and the selected reader will be sent a cute prize from yours truly.

You should play along. It just might be fun...

{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Um, There's Something On Your Head...


I love when fashion allows us to go one extra day without washing our hair.
Below are some of those fashion tricks I speak of:

I've rounded up some cute options for you girls to ooo and aww over.
 If you want to see prices or make a purchase just *click click click* away and it will take you to the seller site.


While you do fun stuff like that, I'll just be studying my little life away, trying to finish off one of my last weeks of college. Send me good thoughts!

{Tunes} on Tuesday (500) Days of Summer [Bank Dance]


the only way i could possibly feel happier about this is if it actually happened...to me. 


Also, what were your feelings on this movie? I heard a lot of mixed feelings, and although I can understand why, I totally and completely related with it, and LOVED it with all my heart. Please, share your thoughts.

I'd Like You to Meet...


Have you noticed the sponsor buttons over there, to your right?
Cute, huh?
Not only are their buttons cute, so are their blogs!
Let me tell you a little bit about each one of them:
Close to My Heart is written by Beth and is a sweet blog about motherhood, life, art, and vintage fashion.
Wholesale Dress is this adorable little Asian shop that sells, seriously the most inexpensive clothing around, I spent all of Friday morning pursuing the dresses and blouses...
BusyBeeLauren is HILARIOUS and vintage fashionable and, I'm going to say it, *awesomespice.*
GILT is VIP access to super high end fashion for a huge price cut. Some of the stuff is still outrageous, but lots of times you can find some really great deals!
Smashion enables members to buy or sell lightly-worn or NWT (new with tag) apparel and accessories on a no-fees marketplace--which is right up my alley and from what I have gathered, up yours too!
And last, but not least, is a new little friend called IOWEYOU. You simply must click over and watch their intro video. It's beautifully done and explains it much better than I ever could!

STOP BY EACH ONE, if you'd like.

And if you're interested in sponsoring 
just shoot me an email!

Scenes from the AZ Weekend

I finally made one.
A hex-nut bracelet that is.
When I got these salt and pepper shakers c/o Modcloth, I died a little bit.
Took a stroll around my old stomping grounds.
Man, I miss this place. I seriously loved ASU Tempe campus!
Picked up my grad tassels :)
My mom had a serious 80s silk flower problem in the house. Once she left for her mission, I took care of the problem. If you're in the market, you can find them at the DI.
Marcus got back from the Ranch. I was seriously so excited to see him again. 
I'm pretty sure he was too.
Date night with Stel and Leis.
Sushi Ave.=My favorite sushi place in AZ.
I'd recommend the Crunch California.

 Somebody asked me why I never wear my wedding ring. 
I do. Everyday. 
This is my wedding ring. It was custom made. I didn't want a stone. I couldn't love it more than I do.
 My newest nephew, Levi, can't really decide if he's a baby or an old man. 
Oooo I love him!
Ma Nielson made this cake for Easter Dinner. Could it be any more lovely?

I hope your weekend was lovely and your Easter more than refreshing!
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