{Top Five} Friday


{Top Five} Places I Am Happiest:
1. Kauai, Hawaii (with that guy)
2. Cuernavaca, Mexico

4. Westwood Track at Night

5. Crystal Cove State Park & Southern California in General


Boy_crazie03 said...

love love love Kauai...simple amazing there.

Eliesa Lake said...

we're planning to go to kauai on our honeymoon! i'm very excited. neither of us have been to hawaii :)


Gentrilee said...

Gorgeous pictures!! :) I love the matching nautical shirts!

Ashlee Steward said...

Everyone should have a list like this to retreat to (as least in your mind) when the going gets tough.


Kitsune-kun said...

oh I LOVE crystal cove! the first time I found it I was freaking out about the nancy drew-ness of everything. I want to be her when i grow up.

Kenzie said...

That's so cute in the first picture that you both are wearing anchor shirts! Perfection!

Rachel said...

My top five favorite places:
St Andrews, Scotland (where I went to university)
London (where I am moving in a few months!)
Edinburgh (my favorite city)
Paris (where my parents live and so gorgeous)
Boston (the best place in the US!)

I love cities in the springtime, there is always such a relaxed feel when cafes and restaurants open up their windows and people sit on the streets. It is lovely.

Kyleedefrancis said...

I love your hat in that last picture! You're so pretty Ashley

libby said...

where did you stay in Kauai? My fiance and I want to go there on our honeymoon but are clueless on what to do and where to stay!

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