A is for Ashley and...

Let me tell you the story of today. 
Now, let me first start off by telling you that most people would probably not believe this story, but seeing as you subscribe to a blog that is dedicated to believing in somewhat unbelievable things, I am making the assumption that I can tell you without fear of mockery. Here goes.

I had just gotten home from a long, stressful and somewhat unproductive day at the library when I looked out the window into our backyard. It was then that a rather large furry creature was seen.
Upon further analysis, it was decided to be none other than Mr. Groundhog himself. He was barely peeping out from under our porch holding something slender and wooden in his tiny groundhoggy hand. When suddenly, a flash of light, and poof--he was gone.

But then something amazing started to happen--the snow that had covered our lawn all winter long began to melt at a rapid pace. 
I ran outside in sheer amazement and that’s when I noticed this:
"A is for Abracadabra"
I was absolutely giddy, for many reasons:
1. I like the idea of Rexburg melting, 
2. I had just seen an animal celebrity, who turns out to be magic,

3. I had been wanting a print that happens to look a lot like this magical incantation. I had seen it in this cute etsy shop called TWIG. So if you want one, and you don’t have a magical groundhog living under your porch, don’t fret. Just take a virtual stroll on over to the etsy shop.
I sure hope he comes back, and this time I hope his hocus pocus involves putting a mustache on Mr. Moose who lives in our forest, because I really want the “M is for Mustache” Print available here.

I always have the dandiest things happen to me--and hey, I’m not complaining! I guess that’s what happens when you’re the kind of girl who blogs about unicorns…

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  1. I just read this out loud to my husband, the other half of twig, and we couldn't have loved this post more...in fact it put a huge grin on my face. Maybe the moose will deliver you a little gift someday too....!

  2. Haha, this post made me laugh and happy. Yaa for spring coming!

  3. You're my favorite person ever! This post just brightened up the already sunny day! Thanks :)

  4. I most certainly believe this magical story, because from an early age, this was shared with me: When my mom was three years old, she saw the Sandman. She was having trouble sleeping, and she saw a little man with a silly hat sitting in her window. He threw sparkling sand from his bag into her eyes, causing her to shut them tight, and drift into dreamland.

    I'm very excited that you have a lucky Groundhog, and I'm so very excited about your special A print! <3

    And P.S. Totally trying the triple buns tomorrow! :)


  5. Yay for SPRING! So I'm kind of off today because I read the print and really studied it for a minute trying to figure out what it said. So I interrupted the husband's call of duty game to ask him what Ah-BRA..., he said some sort of bra, I then realized what it said and felt super duper stupid. Now my husband is making fun of me and I'm seriously considering going back to elementary.

  6. oh my gosh too funny! and oh so believable :)

  7. you are seriously so cute. i love this post so much! <3

  8. Haha hilarious post! Spring is close! I love to see the ground, and even the asphalt on the road.

  9. I hope you also got the "U is for Unicorn!" I love when Rexburg melts, but then it's ugly until spring officially comes. Summer is my favorite. Then it doesn't look like I grew up in a dead forest! That and when Winter hits hard and the trees frost. Love that!

  10. This post just made me smile so much! Happy to hear the snow is receding for you. Love the way you mixed those patterns on top, and peep-toes in snow is so bold and fun. Happy almost spring!

  11. the snow melting part is THE best!! I hated Rexburg for all that snow, yuck! Glad to hear its clearing up :)


  12. so happy that Rexburg is finally beginning to thaw:) And lovin the print. Go art!

  13. look how teeny tiny your waist is hiding behind that "A" -you cute little thing! such a fan!


  14. FYI in response to your post yesterday.. um you do to look like a J. Crew model.. Love the hair, I wish I had patience to try styles like that on my hair! Happy Weekend :)

  15. I feel really dumb right now..but I don't get it hahah. You saw a groundhog then a paper with the letter A magically appeared?? Maybe I read it wrong but where did the paper come from? lol

  16. Tooo funny and too cute! Love your blog! ;)

  17. Haha, this post made me laugh and happy. Yaa for spring coming!

  18. You're my favorite person ever! This post just brightened up the already sunny day! Thanks :)

  19. i love love love this story of the sandman. i love your mom.


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