simple sally + a few tunes


It's a busy week--I'm working feverishly with my partner to plan an influencer's conference in Salt Lake as well as doing a ton of 'end of the year'/christmas planning for the position I volunteer in at church. I'm the secretary of the primary, so it's a lot of paper work (which is luckily something I actually sort of enjoy). It's weird, when I look at my to-do list, I should feel overwhelmed, but instead, I feel excited. I need to be busy to feel fulfilled, I guess. I busy week also makes me really appreciate my weekends, so wish me luck!
What do you do to stay motivated? 
I think my helper is good music! {Like this song or this one}
<<what i wore>>
boater hat//free people sale (buy similar here)
sunnies//oasap (buy here)
khaki green jacket//ann taylor (old) (buy similar here)
metal and lace sweater//c.o. pb&j boutique (buy it here)
sweater pencil skirt//c.o. persunmall (buy here)
pink lips//magic lipcolor (buy it here)
ring//c.o. persunmall (buy here)
ankle strap heels//c.o. oasap (buy here or similar here)


Harley said...

i just need you to come be my personal stylish please!

Beverly Houpt said...

I love when looking at a to-do list makes me feel more excited than overwhelmed. Good luk with everything!

K&R said...

you are so cute and i love this outfit.
and busy weeks definitely make the weekends even better.
during the holidays christmas movies and music definitely motivate me haha.
also this will make me sound like a fatty, but after a long productive week i will like to go out on a date night to some place we have been really wanting to eat at. so food definitely a motivating factor haha.

also i love that skirt, would you mind me asking what size you got? i'm rather on the petite side (5'3 90lb) and I'm wondering if it'd fit. finding a good fitting pencil skirt will be the death of me haha.

Amy Meier said...
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Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

FOOD! yes!
the skirt, i believe is a one size item, so that's the size i got ;). I'm 5'6 105lbs with a 24 in waist and i believe 33 in hips--hopefully that can give you a rough idea of how that compares to you--the skirt isn't super tight on me or anything--it's made out of a sort of sweater fabric so it has a lot of give. good luck!

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

:D you got it! haha

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

right?! it's like, 'yeah i'm gonna do this--i'm bad-A!' haha!

Sarah44 said...

You are so beautiful! said...

#Obsessed with this outfit. That second to last photo is perfection. :)

Lindsay Truax said...

You look amazing and I admire your attitude about tackling a to do list. And, being well dressed always helps.

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