the things i worry about on my drive to work...


Yesterday, as I was driving to work, I was listening to KOOL 94.5--a favorite radio station of mine since I was a kid--it's slogan is "Good times, Great Oldies, Kool 94.5" so as you might have guessed, it plays 'Oldies' and because most people can find Oldies palatable, it is commonly played quietly at dentist and doctor's offices. 

Well, yesterday, on my way to work, a catchy little tune that I didn't recognize came on--as I continued to listen, my car dancing stopped and my face started turning red from embarrassment--I had heard jokes about this song in the past, but somehow had never actually heard it--"Afternoon Delight" was on my radio station--the same radio station that plays at my dentist office. I started sweating a little at the thought of sitting under that iridescent dental light with a spit sucker and several metal tools in my mouth, with my dentist overhead bobbing his head and mindlessly singing along to the radio. 

You guys, I would die. DIE! 

How did that song ever pass for radio approval back then!? It is full of such insane innuendoes that they might as well not be innuendoes at all! I don't know what I will do if my daymare ever comes to past--I've decided that I must call the radio station before all my dentist appointments and plead with them to take that off their playlist. I must take control of this situation. I must.
<<what i wore>>
wide brim hat//c.o. oasap
round sunnies//can't remember (buy similar here $29)
aloe pink lip color//amazon (buy here $9)
moon necklace//etsy 
twisted gold layering ring//c.o. dresslily (buy here $5)
circle necklace//emersonmade (buy similar here)
BDG scoopneck tee//urban outfitters (buy here $12)
geo sweater//c.o. persunmall (buy here $22)
high-rise skinnies//asos (buy here $50)
gold bracelets//c.o. pb&j boutique 
tabby boots//c.o. pb&j boutique (on sale $40)


K&R said...

hahaha that song really is full of terrible stuff.
have you ever watched arrested development before? if so then you know what i'm talking about. haha.
also love your outfit. super cute.

Anonymous said...

Haha too funny! :) love this outfit! That sweater is perfect!

Kara said...

It is seriously THE worst song of all time! So inappropriate! And I'm a gal who loves a good inappropriate joke, but no. Just no. The AD scene is soooo awkward and great.

PattyRules said...

Great post, haha I love your sense of humor. Love reading your stuff.

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Beverly Houpt said...

That song cracks me up

Lindsay Truax said...

Too funny. Cute sweater.

Belen Montgomery said...

I am OBSESSED with your blog. You are a fantastic writer and I love seeing the world from your point of view. This post made me giggle. I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

RetroStreetStation said...

The jeans looks perfect! WOW

hayley elliott said...

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS OUTFIT!!! and i feel like your style has been just KILLER recently. i need some tips. xoxo!

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