doing whatever we felt like.


last week was our two year anniversary and marcus took the day off so we could properly pamper ourselves for a job well done thus far in this thing called marriage.
i thought that was a very wise choice, indeed.
we woke up when we felt like it, and we ate breakfast at la grande orange--something we have been wanting to do ever since we found out they served breakfast. 

on our way back we saw an adorable nursery and since it wasn't too terribly hot outside that day, we pulled over and walked around.
the green house was my very favorite part of the whole place, that and the sunflower that sang out-loud for all to hear, (but can only be heard by those who are willing to listen). i liked her every much.
after that we got massages, and ate dinner at one of our favorite places, Grazie
we love them for their savory pizza, but especially for their NUTELLA calzone!
my mouth is watering just looking at this right now.
i think i must go get one tomorrow.
it was such a lovely day with my lovely husband, spent just as anniversaries should be spent--together.

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if you care.


planning the wedding
the wedding dress ordeal
a naked groom?
something blue
at the temple
the reception
a video glimpse of the big day

being with you...

is so much better than any alternative.
happy two years, good sir.

anniversary week: a penny a pape.


two years ago today we were at this gorgeous art deco government building in San Diego getting the paperwork needed to do the most exciting thing of our lives thus far. 

and then with a self-timer and a crafter purse-turned-tripod, i had the pleasure of finding out you knew how to Newsies jump and the rightness of my decision was confirmed ten fold.

i'm gonna need to see that one again, mister.

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anniversary week: points to ponder

B is for Bagley...and Beatnik//Family New Years Eve Party 2009
This week is anniversary week as the 24th marks 2 years since our wedding in San Diego.
As such, I have been reading old journal entries and looking at old dating pictures to get into the spirit of things. 
I was lucky enough to come across a very important sheet of paper of an interview I did with my then 7 year old nephew, Anson, when I was considering the idea of marrying Marcus.
I asked him what kinds of things I should think about or ask Marcus before I made my decision. These were his unguided answers, I submit them to you, as I think they are quite important points to ponder should you be in that phase of life now or in the future:

  1. How handsome is he?
  2. What day will it be on? Month? Year?
  3. Has he made any movies? Any books?
  4. Is he playful? Playing with children—making them laugh?
  5. Is he helpful?
  6. Nice or mean?
  7. Does he like to cook?
  8. What kinds of foods does he like?
  9. Places he likes to go: restaurants, hotels, vacations?
  10. How much babies does he think we should have?
  11. Will he ever shave his head?
  12. Any broken body parts?
His answers were sufficient and so the decision was made.

  It has worked out well thus far.

{Foodie} Friday: Pita Bread


recently i found this pin and so with a freezer full of falafel and a fridge equipped with both hummus and tzatziki sauce i figured now was as good of time as any to actually try one of the thousands of pins i pin with the best intentions...
the ingredients are about as simple as they can get:
unfortunately i wasn't thinking in advanced, and you do need a rolling pin.
i got that point and couldn't locate ours, so i just used a cup--i believe that was my downfall.
you need to get the 'discs' to be 1/4 of an inch thick and now that i think of it mine were probably more like 1/2. I also didn't flour my surface as much as i needed to because after the 30-40 min. rise, they stuck to the counter and that deflated them a bit.
i made my dough into 8 medium discs and my first 4 turned out pretty delicious, but the second 4 didn't puff up at all in the oven and they were a little crackery.
i believe it is a learning process and next time they will be even better (hopefully!)
one last tip is that i would either only bake the amount your planning on eating right from the oven (refrigerate extra dough) or take them out before they get to the "golden" phase because the second day even my good ones seemed a little dry.
Good luck! Let me know of any tips or other recipes you think i should try!
happy friday :)



seeing// plump red raspberries, just the right companion my greek yogurt has been searching for.

hearing// this new-to-me band, Daughter i discovered via these cute girls
smelling// my fresh basil plant from trader joe's. is there a better smell on this planet?

touching// our new anthropologie bath mat. we've been using an old towel since we moved in and it feels nice to have something equal parts pretty & plush

tasting// homemade pita bread, right out of the oven. i'll share the recipe on friday.

what are you five today?

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when cousins come for a visit.

some of my other siblings found out we were babysitting and they said, "the more the merrier"
so the house filled right up!
i guess they were right, everybody looks pretty merry to me!

observations on day three.


things babies love the most//
rock piles
so much for expensive toys.

fun in the sun.


i sure love watching marcus like this.

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