observations on day three.


things babies love the most//
rock piles
so much for expensive toys.


Frankly Vic said...

So true. My mama always laughs because our favourite thing to play with was an empty cardboard box! That and a tent made out of a blanket! I think its much better for kids to play using their imaginations rather than fancy toys

Irene Navajas said...

it's true! best toys are those you improvised yourself!

Jenna Brown said...

The best present I ever got as a child was a Refrigerator box! Man, that thing was everything from a house to a space ship. I loved it so much, I was heartbroken when it dissolved in the rain when I accidentally left it outside over night.

cardiganempire said...

I hope Andrew never levels out that rock pile. I just can't imagine how they like to play on it with bare feet. They always take off their shoes to rummage it. I can't make it a few steps over it. Must be a weight differential.

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