seeing// plump red raspberries, just the right companion my greek yogurt has been searching for.

hearing// this new-to-me band, Daughter i discovered via these cute girls
smelling// my fresh basil plant from trader joe's. is there a better smell on this planet?

touching// our new anthropologie bath mat. we've been using an old towel since we moved in and it feels nice to have something equal parts pretty & plush

tasting// homemade pita bread, right out of the oven. i'll share the recipe on friday.

what are you five today?


Irene Navajas said...

i love pita bread. i love bread in general. and basil? best flavour, i use it a lot on many of my dishes!

Amanda B. said...

Beautiful song! Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca Smith said...

Excited for the pita recipe! I eat that or naan everyday with hummus for lunch!

andrea jones said...

Love this!!! I just blogged my own five. And I'm now drooling over that pita bread

andrea jones said... :)

Michelle Buettner said...

There is literally no better smell than basil. I'm obsessed with it too!

Veronica Abello said...

Thought you might like this pin on pinterest. I immediately thought of you.

Britney Gulbrandsen said...

That bath mat is adorbs. And I can't wait for the pita recipe. Yum!

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