{Foodie} Friday: Pita Bread


recently i found this pin and so with a freezer full of falafel and a fridge equipped with both hummus and tzatziki sauce i figured now was as good of time as any to actually try one of the thousands of pins i pin with the best intentions...
the ingredients are about as simple as they can get:
unfortunately i wasn't thinking in advanced, and you do need a rolling pin.
i got that point and couldn't locate ours, so i just used a cup--i believe that was my downfall.
you need to get the 'discs' to be 1/4 of an inch thick and now that i think of it mine were probably more like 1/2. I also didn't flour my surface as much as i needed to because after the 30-40 min. rise, they stuck to the counter and that deflated them a bit.
i made my dough into 8 medium discs and my first 4 turned out pretty delicious, but the second 4 didn't puff up at all in the oven and they were a little crackery.
i believe it is a learning process and next time they will be even better (hopefully!)
one last tip is that i would either only bake the amount your planning on eating right from the oven (refrigerate extra dough) or take them out before they get to the "golden" phase because the second day even my good ones seemed a little dry.
Good luck! Let me know of any tips or other recipes you think i should try!
happy friday :)


Ariana said...

If you want to help keep your pitas from getting dry, after you pull them out of the oven stick them straight in a brown bag and fold the top over, then let them sit in there for 10 minutes. This makes them softer and then keeps them a bit less dry the next day.

Florence said...

You can keep pita in a wet towel after baking too

Dani Shapiro said...

I never even THOUGHT to make my own pita! YUM! (I read on Pinterest that if you put a piece of regular bread on top of baked goods, it will keep them moist - the bread will get super hard but the baked good will stay soft!)

MJ said...

the cup works!! Good thinking, you are clever :)
I LOVE pita bread, I'll definitely have to try this, i hope mine turn out.
Me and the kitchen, we don't get along so well.

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