When I got dressed this morning, the Home Depot was not what I had in mind...
Poppy before her X-Rays.
Finally got the vintage school map hung!
Saturday morning snuggles with our little deer.
Leslie Knope & I would get along quite nicely, I think.
Poppy says relax.
Feelin' a little retro vibe, so i went with it.
From our lake adventure a few weekends ago.
Why i shouldn't be left alone with boring homework and sharpies...

What I did during conference.
The cabin is, clearly, too much fun.
Still waiting for Fall to hit.
Don't hate.
an insta from this night.
I'm a good babysitter, what can i say?
double date at Golfland.
our favorite pizza to go.


Pamela said...

Gah! I've been looking (not very hard ...) for a vintage school map JUST LIKE THAT! Where did you find that?

Treasure Tromp said...

that map is fantastic

Brandi said...

Where are your black vintage vibe pants from?? please don't tell me you thrifted them?!

Julie Morrison said...

I will take one slice of that pizza, a hair braiding and a snuggle from Poppy.

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