{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: black sugar


i 'inst-vented' about the lack of fall in the air on wednesday and then thursday brought us a magnificent rainstorm and a cool breeze. me and mother nature are tight.
friday wasn't quite as cool as i might wish for, but it did provide marshmallow clouds and a chance to wear leggings and a little black dress with perfect structural details, so i was willing to accept it.
what i'm really, really craving is little vacation back east. i want to see dark barked trees and bright orange leaves. rows and rows of them. 
 outfit details:
belt// oasap
necklaces// stella&dot & nordstroms
leggings// welovecolors
blue suede shoes// seychelles (old)
'a' watch// urban outfitters
how is your state looking this fine october? send me pictures of your autumn on instagram (@ashleyanielson) so i can live vicariously through you. please. i need it--i can feel it in my bones.


Laura said...

Go see Susan Branch's blog....beautiful autumn on Martha's Vineyard!!

jesspants said...

I would looooove to have Arizona weather right now. Today in MN, things are dreary and foggy. It's strange to see the buildings nearly gone with the thick, low-laying fog we have.

Johanna said...

I miss the fall so so much living in Florida right now. I never ealized how important that season is for me..Luckily I have a vacation week in New York in a few weeks so I get a little fall..

Irene Navajas said...

we're not having fall here in Hong Kong, i really miss it :(

Melanie said...

saw you wearing that dress on instagram and loved it there already..but now...you look so gorgeous in this dress!!! We are in full fall weather here already. It's rainy and icky and cold. The trees started, but I guess it will take a couple of days before there are really fallish. I'll let you know. :)


Haleigh Barrett said...

you look GORGEOUS! like seriously, absolutely gorgeous!

sugarplumsara said...

Ok I have sortof a weird question for you. I love seeing your Instagram photos on here, and I just joined Instagram. I noticed alot of your photos have those gorgeous little light specks on it in the corners and am wondering which photo editor you're using to get those? Some people have told me picfx but I downloaded it and it had almost no features. thanks! looking fab as usual :)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

first of all, i love your dress. fall is definitely in full swing just about in provo. just went up to the canyon and took some pictures yesterday. so i will definiltey insta those and put a few on my blog of course.

pepa said...

love this look! perfect-- ♥


Sarah Miller said...

It's starting to look more fallish, I've noticed it's become prettier and more colorful just in the last week. It's funny how things change so quickly. You look very cute! I love the black with the blue flats! Very well put together! I'm new to your blog. My name is Sarah and my blog is Skylar Magazine. If you get a second, I'd love for you to stop by, and you are welcome to guest blog! Anyway, great blog!


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